Sirian Star Seeds

Sirians have a mission, and that is to save planet Earth. They bring harmony, love, and peace and they’re usually very open minded. When awakened, they tend to be spiritually driven, and often lead a simple life. They are the peace keepers of this planet, and of this galaxy, and they’re protective and act as guardians.

Sirians are often drawn toward spiritual teaching and are very sensitive and mystical. They’re drawn to lost civilizations, myths, and legends because they were around here during those times.

The origins or Sirians

Sirian Star Seeds are kind of like the engineers of the starseed world, and they tend to focus on technology and leadership roles. Their original inhabitants came from Vega, in the Lyra constellation, the supposed home of Earth’s ancestors.

Sirians are known as ‘The Water Wizards’ because their planet is home to water beings. This is why they have a special affinity with water.

The different planets of Sirius

Their planet is made up of Sirius A, and Sirius B, and it was these two planets that initiated the spiritual awakening of all human beings. Usually, they are incredibly focused and are regarded to be daydreamers through and through.

They are often into metaphysics, ancient civilizations and different cultures and civilizations. Sirius A gave us Ascended Masters like Jesus and Mother Mary. Ascended Masters from Sirius sent the 144,000 lightworkers to Earth. Sirius B is more culturally divided between many civilsations.

Sirians are advanced beings

These star seeds are usually silly and fun loving with a deep desire for knowledge and truth. Just like the Arcturians, they are also connected to sacred geometry and esoteric wisdom. They are very advanced souls, and have a natural ability to work with energy. Sirian Star Seeds may be drawn to healing professions such as Reiki or acupuncture, but they are also highly intelligent and intuitive.