Pleiadian Star Seeds

The Pleaidians are very old souls, and they have been around on Earth since the origins of its seeding. They were part of the creating of humans, and they are usually healers and often use techniques like Reiki or similar types of energy work. They are known as ‘the heart healers’ and have a warm and nurturing presence. Pleaidian star seeds are the lovers of the world, especially nature and the outdoors.

This race of star seed keep a record of Earth to include in the Akashic records, where they hope to expand human consciousness so that they can evolve into new dimensional beings and evolve. They have been sent to Earth with the divine purpose of expanding the collective consciousness and allowing for its evolution to continue. Pleiadian starseeds have a special connection to the Divine Feminine too.

Pleiadian Intuition

They often have strong intuition, especially when they spend a lot of time in nature, as it tends to sharpen their mind and focus. The Pleiadians are usually empaths and are quite creative sometimes. With this, they are also sensitive, which is why they often struggle with their emotions, and absorbing other people’s too.

They radiate compassion and are often charitable and humanitarian, and have a strong urge to protect the environment and may be drawn to careers in environmentalism or conservation.

Pleiadians struggle with people pleasing

However, some Pleaidians suffer with hurt, and with their ego, and some of them can even become manipulative and narcissistic. They are typically a Matriarchal society that places value on women, children and family, and because of these qualities, they often struggle with people pleasing and often end up co-dependant on others.

Pleaidian Star Seeds are known for their great creativity and natural artistic abilities. They are often drawn to express themselves through music, art, and other creative outlets. They exist in a 5th Dimensional frequency, but their society isn’t 5th dimensional, because they are not all high vibrational, some have negative tendancies.

Pleiades is in the Taurus constellation

Their star seeds on Earth, tend to be emotionally and spiritually evolved when they are aligned with their true nature, and have a deep connection to higher realms of consciousness and metaphysical concept. Pleiadians came from the a star system called the Pleiades, which is in the Taurus constellation and is also known as the Seven Sisters, Messier 45 and the Eye of the Bull.

Other things they usually stuggle with are perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues when they are not living in alignment with their authentic self. Pleiadian Starseeds carry the energetic imprint of this celestial realm within their souls, embodying qualities such as empathy, compassion, and a deep connection to higher realms of consciousness.

Pleiadians and nature

They have a deep respect for nature, and strongly desire unity and co-operation among all beings. They are driven by a mission to uplift humanity through the power of love and spiritual awakening. They were specifically sent to earth with Divine Purpose to expand the collective Consciousness that will allow for human evolution to continue.