Mintaken Star Seeds

The Minkaten are among the original lightworkers on Earth, and are from a multiple star system in the constellation of Orion. They’re connected to astrology, crystals and have extraordinarily strong intuition. However, the Mintaken no longer exists, so Mintaken star seeds can feel very home sick for no apparant reason.

Mintakens and their connection to water

They often find solace around water, and are here to teach us the value in ourselves, in life, in potential, and in others. Mintaken star seeds deeply feel it in your bones when something isn’t right, but they are also likely to struggle with not knowing what their true purpose is too.

These star seeds are usually very kind and nurturing beings, and they tend to block themselves from discovery their path and purpose when they try to control situations. Another way they might block themselves is by taking on the emotions & problems of others unknowingly, because they’re also empaths.

Mintaken star seeds are rare

Although Mintaken star seeds are rare, it is important for them to practice setting boundaries in this lifetime. They’re also connected to and enjoy spending time around water and oceanic beings. They can be powerful manifestors, because their insatiable curiosity for the world around them, will usually guide them well.