Maldek Star Seeds

Maldek is one of the 2 missing Planets of our Solar System. Maldek imploded becoming the asteroid belt between Jupiter & Mars
their planet’s destruction
Maldek was a planet in our Solar System that died as a consequence of misusing technological power, and greed. On Earth, Maldek starseeds try to teach humans how to better use technology and other tools to avoid a robotic apocalypse.
it was destroyed by constant asteroid collisions. This is because Jupiter protects the inner solar system by flinging most asteroids back out toward the outer solar system to planets such as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, but from time to time, one gets through
Mission: To save Earth from destruction by out of control technological forces/They inhabit the Earth to try to teach humans how to better incorporate technology, communication, politics, and health to prevent a robotic collapse.
As the planet died away, a small group of Maldek starseeds found refuge on Earth
Origin Realm: The extinct planet of Maldek in our solar system
Its citizens depended on robotic technologies, much like the trends here on Earth, and they eventually became lazy and sick.
hope to inspire humanoids to make better choices in politics, technology, health, and communication.