Feline Star Seeds

can be glimpsed within the cat-like artwork of some ancient civilisations/cat-like deities depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork/, most notably Egypt, with its feline-headed gods and goddesses.
Feline starseeds are detached from the physical and in tune with the spiritual.
2 They exist in a higher dimension to humans/They exist in a higher dimension than humans and make connections to divine consciousness which manifests as light and abundance on Earth.
psychic abilities
Features: Cat-like qualities
served humanity since ancient civilizations
Mission: To bring grace and inspiration to humans
2 focus on strengthening their spirituals skills and have an ability to overcome physical realities/tend to develop spiritual skills rather than ones that feed or benefit their physical realities
seeking light, clarity, and abundance through connections with the eternal consciousness
2 incredibly creative spirit/bring grace to humanity and hope to inspire creativity in all of Earth’s living beings
Feline Starseeds don’t particularly care about their physical realities
By connection with the external consciousness, they allow their spirituality and higher consciousness to blossom
Their divine purpose is to bring grace to all of humanity and they work to inspire creativity
master geneticists of this Universe and helped to create the human genome
Profound respect for life around them
Deep energetic power