Andromedan Star Seeds

Andromeda is the home to various extraterrestrial civilisations, and the star seeds from this planet are wise beyond their years. They also have a strong calling to bring new ideas and technologies to Earth, as well as exploring new frontiers of knowledge and creating positive change in the world. They have a strong sense of justice, and are quite creative and innovative.

Andromedans are natural peace keepers

Their mission on Earth is similar to their mission in the universe, just in different ways, and that is to bring peace and love to races enslaved by Reptilians. Andromedans have an incredible gift of balance, and are intellectually advanced and emotionally intuitive. These star seeds are loving and benevolent and usually have a natural gift for telepathy, and the Andromedan’s see themselves spiritual warriors, commited to freeing humans from the negative energy circuits of Reptilian starseeds.

Andromedans make great humans

They are usually freedom seekers, and they aren’t usually misunderstood by others on this earth. People tend to get you, and you are good at living as a human. They are highly gifted at accessing the Akashic records and very heart centred. Andromeda is a spiral shaed galaxy, and it is a vast and ancient galaxy, and home to highly evolved civilizations that have achieved advanced states of consciousness.

They have a huge imagination, and are here to bring holistic forms of healing to this earth, and helping others to heal on a soul level. They are sometimes masters at art & science related things, and very creative. Andomedan star seeds usually have a fun and goofy side, and are usually quite balanced between their masculine and feminine energies.

Andromedans are usually very loyal

They are sometimes nurturers, and don’t like feeling obligated to do things. And they can usually spot emotional manipulation easily, and tend to stand up for those around them because they have a strong sense of loyalty to those close to them. Andromedan Starseeds carry the energetic imprint of this galactic realm within their souls always finding calm amidst chaos and effortlessly going with the flow.