Spiritual Health

Do you understand your life purpose? (VI)

Do you nurture your soul or work on the things that you’re passionate about (VI)?

Do you feel at peace with yourself? (VI)

Do you feel at peace with life itself? (I)

Do you struggle to accept things they way they are in your life? (VI)

Have you already removed yourself from any negative or toxic people? (VI)

Have you already removed yourself from any negative or toxic environments? (VI)

Do you struggle to experience new things? (I)

Is your mindset and thoughts balanced (not over-thinking most of the time)? (VI)

Are your emotions balanced most of the time? (VI)

Do you struggle with stress? (VI)

Would you say you are a spiritual person? (NI)

Do you struggle with sadness? (VI)

Do your struggle with depression? (VI)

Do you feel grateful most of the time (not only some times)? (I)

Do you practice mindfulness, or would you say you are usually mindful? (I)

Do you have frequent physical pain that isn’t explained by medical professionals? (NI)

Do you get sick, or experience pain often which isn’t hereditary? (NI)

Would you say you are self aware, aware of your own energy and actions in the moment (not making many mistakes)? (I)

Do you work on your chakra’s? (NI)

Do you feel your chakra’s or energy centre’s are blocked (if you don’t know, say no)? (NI)

When you meditate, do you usually do it well? (VI)

Do you meditate on a regular basis? (If you only meditate (once per week or less, say no). (I)

Do you use mantras? (NI)

Do you feel lonely often? (VI)

Do you feel anger frequently? (VI)

Are you addicted or dependant of alcohol or drugs? (VI)

Are you in an unhappy or unhealthy romantic relationship? (VI)

Do you feel it’s important for you to be in a romantic relationship? (I)

Do you feel that you love yourself enough, or have self love and self worth? (VI)

Do you hate your body or any part of your body? (I)

Do you do shadow work (discovering yourself)? (VI)

Are you usually patient? (I)

Are you usually in a rush? (I)

Are you usually late for things? (I)

Are you usually motivated? (I)

Are you usually happy? (VI)

Does your happiness usually depend on other people making you happy? (VI)

When you are doing something important, or doing something that you enjoy or believe in, are you usually consistent and finish the project? (NI)

Do you spend time in nature or outside regularly? (VI)

Do you take any classes, courses or workshops? (NI)

Do you know who your right tribe, community or the right people for you are? (NI)

Do you often reflect on things? (NI)

Do you set time aside for important things? (VI)

Do you usually prioritise important things? (NI)

Are you usually organised? (NI)

Are you usually conscious of the energies in your surrounding environment? (I)

Do you help others? (NI)

Do you help yourself as much as helping others? (I)

Do you have great boundaries with other people? (I)

Do you have great boundaries with yourself? (I)

Do your beliefs hold you back? (VI)

Do you believe that religion is important to you spiritually? (VI)

Are you usually authentic and true to yourself? (VI)

Do you usually meet your own needs, and give yourself what you need? (VI)

Do you usually express yourself well? (I)

Are you usually calm? (VI)

Do you enjoy silence or quiet for long periods of time? (VI)

Do you usually give yourself silence or quiet time often? (VI)

Do you have great self esteem and confidence? (I)

Are you usually positive? (VI)

Do you usually look at obstacles, or problems as opportunities to learn? (I)

Are you usually flexible with most things? (I)

Do you usually solve your own problems easily? (NI)

Do you know your skills, talents and abilities? (VI)

Do you usually achieve your goals? (NI)

Do you usually lead from the heart? (I)

Do you usually see things clearly? (VI)

Are you confused a lot? (VI)

Do your emotions usually affect your decisions or the way you act or do things? (VI)

Do you have a high awareness? (I)

Do you have trauma that you haven’t yet completely healed from?(VI)

Do you hold any grudges towards anyone? (VI)

Do you feel that life is unfair for you?(I)

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