x5 Mentoring Sessions


With 1 on 1 spiritual mentoring, we can work on whatever it is you’re struggling with, or whatever it is that you want to know. Each session is 1 hour, and it’s amazingly priced as you can already see. There are some great discounts for the more sessions you buy, with $35 off for 5 sessions, and 1 free session if you get 8.

Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid, so we can make further arrangements.



I help people with a variety of things including self worth, empowerment, spiritual and psychic development, managing their energy, healing and trauma and breaking free from co-dependancy. I also help people to connect with their spirit guides and angels, and understanding their path and purpose and why they are here. I teach people inner divinity and being in the now, as well as working on ways to stop them from over-thinking and understanding their lessons.

There’s a variety of techniques and tools I’ve developed to help people to channel and connect to their higherself and to harness their intuition. Do you see signs and synchronicities? I can help you to understand what the universe is showing you and why your dreams happen the way they do. So if whether you’re in the dark night of the soul, having a spiritual awakening, struggling to overcome loss or a separation, or find it hard to love yourself, look no further – I can help you.

What you will need for this session: A pen, paper, headphones, privacy, and a good internet connection (please check the strength of your internet before the session).