Inner Magic Group Workshop

This course will helpy you to work on yourself and transform your with powerful techniques introduced every week. With this workshop, there are 7 weekly classes for shadow work, healing, life purpose, meditation and much more.

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Workshop Content

Week 1 ‘Shadow Work’

Shadow work is the things you aren’t quite aware of yet, as well as the things you need to know, understand and learn.


Week 2 ‘Healing’

We will discuss healing and how trauma happens, and what you can do to understand the hurt and heal from it.


Week 3 ‘Emotional Management’

Emotions can either be obvious and in plain sight, or they can sometimes be buried under the surface. I will teach you how to understand your emotions, what causes them, and how you can find solutions to them in the moment.


Week 4 ‘Energy Management’

Our energy can sometimes be a little hard to understand and manage. This session will teach you how to manage your energy, but also to be mindful and self aware too.


Week 5 ‘Authenticity & Purpose’

Sometimes we struggle to find our deepest truths. We all have a purpose and a path, and this session will help you to find your truths about who your really are, and who you could become.


Week 6 ‘Transmutation’

I will teach you transmutational techniques, so that you can heal and overcome problems in your life, see things in a higher awareness capacity. You will also learn how to create personal affirmations to help you to shape your reality too.


Week 7 ‘Meditation’

Many people struggle with meditation because of over-thinking. I will teach you how to sit in silence, and manage your thoughts so they don’t prevent you from meditating.


The inner magic workshop is a low cost, group workshop where we will work on a variety of topics including: Shadow Work, Healing, emotional management, energy management, authenticity & purpose, Meditation & switching off the over-thinking mind, transmutation.

This is a 7 week weekly workshop consisting of 7 powerful group workshop sessions.



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