I’m a healer and a spiritual transformational coach, and I specialise in help people to heal their hurt, trauma’s, their resistance and struggles and blocks. I help them to heal from the soul level and to stop over-thinking, as well as move on from the past into the now. But I also help people to discover who they are now, their life purpose, and to increase their spiritual abilities, connect with their spirit guides and higherself through courses and individual sessions. I assist people on the path through awakening, healing, and moving forward in their life purpose. I provide mentoring sessions and courses to help people to understand their gifts, abilities and their path. I specialise in soul realignment, higherself channeling, spirit guide connections and spiritual guidance. I help people to understand and simplify the most difficult of paths.

Soul re-alignment course

(4 sessions) $229.99

Saving $49.97 (or $69.99 per session)

1st Session…
Soul Re-alignment
We will use self inquiry techniques to help you to let go of your mind attachment. We will also do purging (letting go of the old/ending karma) and do self realisation where we step out of your mind, and your body and completely let go. I will show you how to connect to your soul and show you ways to introduce your soul into your life.

2nd Session…
Path & purpose/higherself channeling
In this session I will perform a highself channeling where we can tap into knowledge within you, and allow it to show us the way forward with clarity. We will look at your life purpose, your gifts, your strengths and other things to work on. I will then give you a report of what said, and guide you accordingly.

3rd Session…
Raising your vibration & awareness
This session is all about raising your vibration further and opening up & connecting to your light body. I will take the re-alignment from the last session and expand on it and show you ways to shield against other people even further, and teach you breath work, blockages, raising your awareness, reflection, observing.

4th Session…
Spirit Guide Connection.
In this session, we will do things such as lightbody activation, connecting with your spirit guide, automatic writing, raising your Kundalini.

Wondering if this course is right for you? Ask yourself these questions…

1) Do you struggle with low self esteem and a lack of self worth?
2) Are you confused about what your life purpose is and how your should step into it?
3) Do you find it hard to take action with your gut instinct and struggle with the difference between your mind and your higherself?
4) Are you unsure as to who your main spirit guide is?

If the answer is yes to most of those questions, then the ‘Path & Purpose’ course is probably the one for you.

Trauma healing course

(3 sessions) $179.99

Saving $29.98 (or $69.99 per session)

This course consists of 3 sessions, the 1st one for trauma healing so that you can overcome your trauma’s. And the 2nd one, to stop over-thinking, and let go of your thoughts and re-align with your soul. This will help you to prevent over-thinking in the future and to help you with basic meditation and self love and bring it into your energy with a whole new mindset.

1st Session…
Trauma Healing

Write down your trauma’s and what happened and send them to me, and we will work through them together, one by one. Letting go of the old ways, preventing triggers. In this session, we will work on your trauma’s, your triggers, your blocks and expectations.

2nd Session…
Soul Realignment

Step out of your mind and over-thinking and re-align with your soul for a balanced energy. We will also take a look at shielding.

3rd Session…
Improving Self Worth

Creating a new belief system, which is full of self worth and self love.

Wondering if this course is right for you? Ask yourself these questions…

1) Do you have unhealed trauma’s that still affect your life in some way, such as having a lack of self worth and self belief etc?
2) Do you react quickly when people say or do things that you don’t like?
3) Do you feel that you are constantly defending yourself, especially in a discussion or argument?
4) Do you think you’re unworthy of people or a better life?

If the answer is yes to most of those questions, then the ‘Trauma Healing’ course is probably the one for you.

Chakra Balancing & Energy Cleansing $49.99

We will start this session of by cleansing your energy, removing all toxins and impurities and low vibrations. Then we will unblock your chakra’s and then bring balance to your energy system, cleansing your whole energy field. Book Now.

Remove Blocks (1 session) $49.99

  • Navigating your distractions.
  • Energy clearing: energy clearing and grounding techniques to keep you energised, clear headed and focused on your intentions).
  • Aligning priorities.
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