Psychic Abilities

To be a great psychic, you need to be very balanced and have great energy management skills. But that doesn’t mean, if you’re not balanced, that you can’t be psychic – there’s no rules here. Psychic abilities are open to all of us as it’s in-built to each of us from birth, we just lose our abilties when our ego’s develop. But being well balanced will ensure that you can understand, interpret and connect well with the things you pick up psychically.

The main types of psychic abilities

Clairvoyance – Psychic Seeing

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability, also known as psychic sight, and it quite literally means ‘clear seeing’ it’s is all about seeing things clearly, free from the ego. If the ego gets in the way, then what we see is usually interpreted by the ego, and we often end up seeing what we beleive, rather than what is actually there. For example, if there is a negative spirit in your home, but you’re religious or have been influenced by religious teachings, then instead of seeing a malevolent spirit, what you might see is a ‘demon’.

Another example could be if you are very sensitive to other people’s energy, and are perhaps an empath; a person with an exceptional amount of compassion and love for people. You might be expecting that in return from your partner, but if your partner is traumatised and unable to show compassion because of fear for example, then you could easily judge them as a narcissist.

One final example could be that you see things that you can’t explain such as energy, or spirits, or synchonicities etc. your ego will interpret it if your intuition doesn’t, and so… you should work on your perception to harness your Clairvoyance.

I was applying to become a psychic reader on a well know psychic platform when this example happened. The admin to the platform told me that he would ask me a few questions to see if I could do readings before he would approve me. He asked 1 question, and when I scanned his energy, I saw him cheating on his girlfriend in a vision. It wasn’t with just 1 other girl, there were lots of other girls he was cheating on. I didn’t judge him, I just gave him the information that I psychically saw (Clairvoyance), and he told me… “I’ve just approved you as a reader, but I won’t ask you any more questions, because I don’t want you to know any more about me!” That’s the power of Clairvoyance!

Claircognisance – Psychic Knowing

Sometimes this psychic abilitiy is referred to as Psychic knowing, and it is literally translated as ‘clear knowing’. This is when you know things that you couldn’t possibly know, but yet… you somehow do.

I was already a practicing psychic by the time this example happened, but I remember when I saw the news about a chicken that caught a virus called ‘Covid 19’. Nobody could have known the damage it would have done to the world, and yet… I saw it, and I knew it (Claircognisance).

Clairempathy – Psychic Emotions

So many people believe that they’re empaths, when they’re not. People often mistake vulnerability, high emotions, and high expectations as a confirmation of them being an empath. However, having empathy does not make someone an empath, an empath is someone with a psychic ability of empathy. Among many other symptoms and signs of being an empath, they will also be experiencing psychic ability on some level too.

Empaths have great intuition as well, and they will intuitively feel another persons feelings and emotions, and often take it onboard as their own. They sometimes confuse other people’s energy with their own, which makes them vulnerable to getting hurt and thrown off balance easily, but also, it makes them amazing healers. They feel the right things to say to people, and people often approach them for no apparant reason, even total strangers. However, one side affect to being an empath is, unless they’re probably balanced and flowing their energy, they will absorb others people’s.

When I first realised that I had this ability, I made a conscious decision to stop letting other people’s energy affect me, and instead I would turn it into a (metaphoric) super power. I developed a technique that I called, and still do today call it ‘flowing your energy.’

Clairsentience – Psychic Feeling

This psychic ability is similar to Clairempathy, but it’s much more psychically informative. Clairsentients feel information, especially their own body and energy around them, but they don’t absorb energy like empaths do – they’re much more able to hold their own energy. This doesn’t make Cliarsentients more psychic by nature than Clairempaths, but it’s just that their experiences have been different, and they’re mindset is too, and so, they are able to hold their own more. As a spiritual mentor & spiritual therapist, I guide my clients to shift their energy from Clairempathy to Clairsentience, so that they stop absorbing, and flow their energy instead. Please check out my spiritualisation course for more to learn how to flow your energy.

I remember the first time I experienced Clairsentience knowingly, I was in Thailand, and I felt an Earthquake. I told my girlfriend… “There’s an Earthquake happening right now, I can feel it”, and she said “Earthquakes don’t happen in Thailand Chris.” I would not accept it, I looked outside, and everybody was going about their business as usual. I sat on the bed and felt like a complete idiot. Then an overwhelming sense of knowing came to me (Claircognisance), and I told her that she was wrong (I hadn’t worked on myself then lol.) I refused to accept that I was wrong, because I just knew I was right. So, I turned on the TV, and LIVE on the news, there was an Earthquake 5,000 km away in Indonesia. She said “That’s not in Thailand!” I replied “I didn’t say it was, I just said that I felt there was an Earthquake happening right now!”

Ok, so that’s not the everyday experience a Clairsentient would have, but nevertheless, it’s still Clairsentience, because I felt it psychically.

Clairalience – Psychic Smell

This is an interesting ability also known as psychic smell. It enables you to smell information. Strange hun? Sure, but I remember when I first developed this ability. I was at my mothers house, and I said… I smell blood. She said, how is that even possible? She said, you’re wrong, but I argued with her and said… I’m definitely not wrong! A few minutes later, my father came in and she asked him, and he said… “Yeah, Gemma was in here with her blood bag about 30 minutes ago”. He said, “but there’s no chance Chris would smell it, it was ages ago.” My mother said “Yeah, but… he did!” Gemma is my sister, she has dialysis 3 times per week at my mother house. That’s the power of this psychic ability, it’s not possible, yet you smell things that you can’t possibly smell.

And yet… you do!

Clairgustance – Psychic Taste

This is more common than we might think, it’s the ability of psychic taste. Many people who have it, don’t even recognise that they have it. Many people who have a spiritual awakening suddenly go off their usually food, and feel nauseous at certain scents. This is usually because they It’s the ability of tasting information on a whole new level. Many food critics have this ability, but they don’t even know that they’re psychic.

I remember when I first experienced this, I went of absolutely everything I loved to eat and drink. This is also known as ascension symptoms, and it can be understood as being similar to sea sickness – you get sick whilst at sea, but whilst on land you’re not sick. I felt fine, after my energy came through the ascension symptoms, and I brought a sense of balanced energy into my life. But the power of this psychic ability is that you can taste things that most other people can’t.

Clairtangiency – Psychic Touch

Also known as Psychometry, Clairtangiency is quite a unique talent. With this ability, you can feel by touch and perceive information psychically. You can touch an object and get information from it, or even by using your hands over someone’s body, you can feel information in your hands. Energy healers use this particular psychic ability in their work.

Over the years, I’ve used this ability mostly when I’ve done energy healing on myself. I feel energy in my hands when they are near areas of pain or low/negative energy. The power of this ability helps you to be a great energy healer and medium!

Clairaudience – Psychic Hearing

This particular ability is difficult to explain properly, but even more difficult to understand. This is because it’s easier to understand when you are taught how to use it in mentoring sessions, or if someone has time to discuss it at length with you. Simply put though, it’s the ability to perceive information through your ears, and it’s sometimes audible, but mostly non-audible. If it’s audible, then you’ll hear it with your ears. But even if you don’t hear it with your ears (audibly), you will still pick up on it with your ears, and then it will travel to your brain for processing into thought.

I remember in the early days of my spiritual awakening, I had spirits in my home, and I heard them call my name. You could say on one hand ‘how awful that must have been’, but on the other hand, I see it as ‘Clairaudience psychic power!’