This psychic ability is arguably the most well know of all, but Clairvoyance is not necessarily the easiest. I’d say it’s one of the hardest to master, because the way we see things completely affects the way we connect to, and the way we understand what we see. Clairvoyance is all about the way we see things, and to increase your Clairvoyant abilities, you should work on your perception, because the way you see things really does matter.

For example, if you psychically see a malevolent spirit using your Clairvoyant abilities, but you’re very religious, Christian for example, what you might actually see is a demon. This doesn’t mean that you’re seeing a demon, but it does mean that your beliefs affect the way you see what is actually there. This could work in any number of ways too, your beliefs will always be the very thing that interprets what you see as truth, so for your Clairvoyance to improve, your should work on your perception as well as your beliefs.

The basics of Clairvoyance

This is of course just the basics of Clairvoyance, and so if you want to use Clairvoyance in your career as a psychic perhaps, then you should also work on seeing things that you don’t currently see. This doesn’t mean work on seeing the future, because the harder you try to do this, the less you’ll likely be able to actually do it. And this is because the ego will usually stand in the way, because it carries a desperation vibration with it, it brings us back to that good ole saying… Work smarter, not harder.

Using Clairvoyance with other abilities

When you use Clairvoyance in conjuction with other psychic abilities, you can get validation. For example, you may see something, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely accurate. However, if you use other psychic abilities with Clairvoyance, you can validate what you see.