Many people describe themselves as being an empath which is having Clairempathy, but it’s not always true. Being an empath isn’t just someone who is sensitive to emotions, this could also be someone who is vulnerable and hurt and may not be connected to Clairempathy at all.

This type of empathy is actually a psychic ability where a sensitive empath can feel people’s emotions at a paychic level. So if you don’t experience psychic ability, then you might not have Clairempathy, and therefore might not be an empath either, and may instead need to work on your emotions.

Clairsentients are excellent feelers

These types of psychics are excellent feelers, and they feel the energy and emotions of people in ways that other just can’t. Just like Clairsentients, they feel energy, but the difference is with Clairsentients, they feel energy in other ways too, but empaths tend to feel mostly the feeling and emotions of people.

If you are an empath, or have Clairempathy and want to work on your other psychic abilities, check out my spiritualisation course.