Some people have used this ability hundreds of times in their lives, and it quite literally translates as clear knowing. Claircognisance is a psychic ability that is also known as psychic knowing, and it usually works hand in hand with other abilities such as intuition and clairsentience. For example, perhaps your intuition tell you something is in what you’re experiencing, and your Claircognisance absolutely knows what it is.

This ability enables you to know things that you couldn’t possibly know. And believe me, you can sometimes know the impossible. However, you have to be careful because the ego often stands in the way of all psychic abilites, and Claircognisance is no exception.

Claircognisance has its challenges

One of the biggest challenges with this ability is trust, trusting that you know the answer – it’s really not always easy to do. Sometime, knowing things that you can’t possibly know is the easiest part, it’s trusting it that’s the difficult bit.

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