Many people experience ringing in the ears. It’s often dismissed as tinnitus, especially by medical professionals. In some circumstances it actually is tinnitus, but when we spiritually awaken, we also awaken our energy and our psychic senses. And Clairaudience is a sense connected to psychic hearing.

It works by ringing in your ears in some cases, and in other cases, there is no ringing. However, either way, whether there’s ringing or not, there’s always thoughts involved.

Clairaudience and its affect on the ears

The ears don’t play a major role in this psychic ability, but they do let us know when it’s obviously something to pay attention to.

What happens is, the ears pick up much like a satellite would pick up information from the skies above us, the ears pick up information around us, and it’s sent to the mind for processing. And so, you should pay close attention to the thoughs entering your mind if your ears start to ring, because you might just find that there’s important information coming in. Or you might even find that the thoughts aren’t even your own.

Clairaudience and ringing in the ears

There’s also a difference between the left ear and right ear ringing. The left usually indicates something of worldly or lower vibration, such as appliances, machinery, or even negative energy or spirit. It can also be guiding you awa from something, like a warning to not do something.

The right ear usually indicates something much more of higher vibration such as a higher perception or realisation, a spirit guide or positive spirit, or high vibrational energy, and it could be guiding you towards something positive too.

Clairaudience and mind chatter

We can also be confused about the chatter in our mind, wondering if it’s a spirit, our intuition, or just our own mind and ego. But, if you listen to the chatter, you’ll find that if it’s your mind, it’s things you’ve heard before, or things you’re thinking about, because you’re chatting to yourself. If it’s a spirit, it’s talking about something you don’t know, perhaps a person, or a situation that you’re unfamiliar of.

Your mind will have things you’ve heard or experienced or thought previously as well as things you’re going through and your opinions on things in your sub-conconscious. But if it’s a spirit, you don’t know the stuff they’re talking about.

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