Clairalience is a psychic sense that quite literally means clear smelling. It enables you to smell things that others can’t smell, and sometimes other people may even tell you it’s in your imagination. This is because you smell psychially, and other people can’t pick up on it in the same way.

You will be able to smell odors that may resemble perfume or cigarette smoke when no-one is, or has been smoking in the area. This could be you picking up the scent of a deceased relative, or another spirit that is around you at the time.

Clairalience improves your smell

However, Clairalience isn’t only about that, it improves your smell generally. For example, when I discovered it, I smelt blood in a room where no-one had been in for 30 minutes. But everyone swore that no-one with blood had been in that room. I later found out that they had and I knew it because I could smell it even when no-one else could. This si the essence of Clairalience.

If you experience ringing in the ears, or Clairalience in general and want to work on your other psychic abilities, or you want to work on your abilities, check out my psychic workshop.