I’m a healer and a spiritual transformational coach, and I help people to discover themselves, their authenticity and soul identity, why they are here and I help hem to overcome their past and their hurt by giving them guidance from a very high dimensions perspective. I’m an Earth angel, I see things in very different ways to most people. I can help people through their trauma’s and show them that they are actually blessings, I can show people that they have spiritual abilities and how to use then, and I can explain what part of the universe they are from, their star seed origins.

I teach unconditional love and compassion, unity consciousness, soul realignment and deprogramming and detachment, and how to remove their blocks and over-thinking. I also help people with their fears as well as discovering their life purpose, and I also do readings with or without cards. But I also help people with their physical pain, I use distance energy healing for that as well as a variety of other techniques including Kundalini healing and on some occasions, Angelic healing.

1 hour reading / blocks assessment

Book a 1 hour 1 on 1 video, audio or text reading, and I will guide you through your situations and experiences. All readings are done on either zoom or Facebook video and can be recorded if you wish. I can guide you on your spiritual awakening, overcoming hurt, understanding what’s happening in your life, […]

Trauma & Past Life Healing

Our past lives can cause us to keep repeating things in future ones unless changes are made. To end this cycle of repeat, we need to bring healing into our lives. However, many people believe that they need to dive into their past lives to heal them, but past life regression isn’t necessary, but ending […]

Soul Realignment

We learn to think and to be in our mind so much, that we become completely programmed to over-think, even school teaches us this. We can spend so much time in our mind that it hurts us and prevents us from recognising our self worth and knowing our true value. Over time, we often forget […]

Chakra & Energy Healing

Energy scanning will teach you how to understand your physical body and scan for blockages and low vibrations. Sometimes there are energy attachments that are attached to us, which you will also learn to remove. You will learn how to connect to your physical body, and your mind and how to bring peace and balance, […]

Discover your life purpose

Do you feel you are here for an important reason, but don’t quite know know? This session will tap into your higher self, but unlike the higherself session, it won’t be focusing on teaching you to connect to your higherself. Instead, this session will reveal what your purpose is, what your gifts, blocks obstacles and […]

Connect to your spirit guide, higherself & akashic records

We all have at least 1 spirit guide, but not all of us know who they are. Many people have forgotten our natural instinct of being able to connect to them, and so when we connect to them, we often question ourselves and wonder if it’s just our mind. In this session, I will show […]

Deprogramming and detachment

From the moment we are born, we are programmed. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, society, religion, government, friends, family, partners… they all contribute to our programming. We develop fears and conditioning without even knowing it, and sometimes we end up with so much confusion and hurt and fears and it can prevent us from living a […]

Raising your vibration

The law of correspondence states that we act how we feel. Look at it this way, if you feel happy, you will act happy. But if you feel angry, you will act angry. You flow your energy according to how you feel and what is going on within you. I will show you ways of how to raise your vibration and lead a flowing, vibrant, joyous, free and abundant life.

Universal Alignment

So you’re seeing angel numbers, but you don’t know what the universe or angels are saying to you? Manifesting can be as easy or as tricky as we make it too, and we often stand in our own way of what we are trying to attract. When we bring oneself into universal alignment, we stand […]

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