There are 12 dimensions of consciousness and reality and each dimension is explained below. I specialise dimensional work. Here is a list of the services that I offer in each dimension.

1st dimension

  • Soul re-alignment.
  • Wholeness.
  • Over thinking.

More info on 1st dimension.

2nd dimension

  • Separation.
  • Duality/polarity.
  • Now and not now.

More info on 2nd dimension.

3rd dimension

  • Growth.
  • Lessons to learn/new experiences.
  • Karma.
  • Judgement/fear/hurt/trust issues.
  • Strong ego/mind (without awareness).

More info on 3rd dimension.

4th dimension

  • Astral travel is possible but can be difficult.
  • Synchronicities, in-flexibility.
  • Healing others, high expectations.
  • Time, Timelines of the past/past lives and future lives (yours), and parallel/future version of our selves.
  • Strong ego/mind (with awareness).
  • Expanding your consciousness.
  • Seeing energy/orbs/ vivid dreams.
  • Getting creative with inspiration.
  • Simplifying your life, living in the now.
  • The need to create new realities.
  • Perception of other dimensions/universes/creators and multiple versions of Earth.
  • Perception of cosmic ancestors/galactics/spirit guides.
  • Astral/energy/light/emotional/etheric body/merkaba.

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5th dimension

  • Higherself/causal plane.
  • Unity/Oneness.
  • Heart Centred.
  • Soul Alignment.
  • Astral travel is easier.
  • Understanding connectedness, high vibrations.
  • Freedom, universal knowledge/akashic records.
  • Flow State/flowing, abundance mindset.
  • Understanding higher guidance and support, co-creator awareness.
  • Unconditional love.
  • Drawn to helping/healing others.
  • The highest level of a human’s individual personality.
  • Easy to manifest (lack of time, fear and restrictions).
  • You manifest your highest desires by first realising them in the 5th dimension so that they are a reality, then the get creative in the 4th dimension to create the energy for them to manifest into your human life.
  • Need to master communication, speaking inner, divine truth communicate with other higher dimensional beings who use telepathy instead of words and spoken language.
  • Consciously create your own reality, which is different from the creation aspects of the more forceful creation emanating from the 3rd dimension.

More info on 5th dimension.

6th dimension

  • Spirit guides exist here (nurturing realm), but they can communicate down to the 4th dimension too.
  • Beyond time and imagination.
  • Parallel universes/worlds/multi-dimensional.
  • Teleportation.
  • You are creator/Godhead in your own created universe within you.
  • Aware of other universes/Multiverse and parallel universes.
  • This is the last dimension of free will.
  • Astral travel is effortless.
  • You can do almost anything with less boundaries.

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7th dimension

  • 7th dimension you are not only aware of the Multiverse, but you are in the consciousness of all of it.
  • The angelic realm also begins here and this is the realm of where.
  • Guardian Angels exist here.
  • Oneness with the divine.
  • Focused on unified oneness with the divine.

More info on 7th dimension.

8th dimension

  • Ascended masters exist.
  • Send high vibrations of light, energy and wisdom from higher realms.
  • Focused mostly on ensuring things are achieved from the instructions of the higher realms.

More info on 8th dimension.

9th Dimension

  • Angels and archangels exist.
  • Creating blueprints for life.
  • Primary focus is creating ways for extra energy/growth in lower realms.
  • High vibration beings exist here, not only angelics.
  • Arcturians work a lot in this realm.
  • Principalities (angels) exist in this realm.

More info on 9th dimension.

10th dimension

  • Dominions (angels) exist here.
  • Virtues (angels) exist here.
  • Powers (angels) exist here.
  • Ensuring that the cosmos remains in order.
  • Focus  on vibration and negative energies in the world and the universe.
  • Regulate the duties of lower angels.
  • Miracles are created from this realm.

More info on 10th dimension.

11th dimension

  • Seraphim (Serpent ‘highest’ angels) exist here.
  • Cherubim (angels) exist here.
  • Thrones (angels) exist here.
  • Universal akashic records/celestial records.
  • Divine wisdom and all knowing.
  • Purity.
  • Highest aspect of divinity.
  • Ensure that divine will is carried out.
  • Ensure that the cosmic harmony of all universal laws is kept.

More info on 11th dimension.

12th dimension

  • Source, all that is.

More info on 12th dimension.

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