Dimensional Work

1st dimension

  • Over thinking/mind detachment.
  • Soul Realignment.
  • Recalling fragments of your soul (soul recall).

2nd dimension

Mind awareness.

4th dimension

  • Astral travel.
  • Understanding synchronicities and working with them.
  • Learning distance healing (energy healing with universal energy, kundalini energy).
  • Parallel/future version of our selves.
  • Expanding your consciousness.
  • Create your own reality (getting creative with inspiration)/creating an abundance mindset/being purpose driven/de-attaching from lack.
  • The need to create new realities.
  • Perception of other dimensions/universes/creators and multiple versions of Earth.
  • Perception of cosmic ancestors/galactics/spirit guides.
  • Astral/energy/light/emotional/etheric body/merkaba.
  • Energy Scanning (scanning the mind and body).
  • Locating energy blockages & unblock them.
  • Chakra healing/Activating your senses.
  • Removing fears, triggers & limitations.

5th dimension

  • Unity/Oneness.
  • Universal knowledge/akashic records.
  • Manifest your highest desires by first realising them in the 5th dimension so that they are a reality, then the get creative in the 4th dimension to create the energy for them to manifest into your human life.
  • Higherself channeling.
  • Communicate with spirit guides.
  • Realising life purpose.

6th dimension

  • Lower Grid work – send light into the 5th dimension from the 6th
  • Parallel universes/worlds/multi-dimensional.
  • Teleportation.
  • Create your universe/you are creator in your own universe within you/inner divinity/inner goddess/multiverse and parallel universes.

7th dimension

  • The angelic realm, communicate with your angels/light language.
  • Oneness with the divine.

8th dimension

Communicate with the Ascended masters.

9th Dimension

Higher Grid work – send high vibrations of light from the 9th dimension into the 5th dimension to increase your energy signature and very powerful manifestations.

12th dimension

Connect with source, all that is.

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