I am a spiritual transformational coach, assisting people on the path through awakening, healing, and moving forward in their life purpose. I provide mentoring sessions and courses to help people to understand their gifts, abilities and their path. I specialise in soul realignment, higherself channeling, spirit guide connections and spiritual guidance. I help people to understand and simplify the most difficult of paths.

I can help people to understand how the universe works and help people let go of the past and to stop over-thinking and trust themselves. I am an Earth Angel and am here to show people how to feel un-conditional love within them. I provide single sessions at $69.99 which usually last for between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, it depends on what we are covering (click here to book). I also provide courses which are discounted. I work full time doing this work, and so I only charge what I need to pay my bills, and I give a lot to all of my clients, and I am always there for them whenever they need me.

1 hour reading $49.99

Soul re-alignment course $229.99

Saving $49.97, or $69.99 per session = usually $279.96.

1st session (soul realignment)

2nd session (raising your vibration)

  • Self Inquiry.
  • Purging (letting go of the old/ending karma).
  • Self Realisation.
  • Soul Re-alignment.
  • 5th dimension attunement.
  • Staying balanced/grounded, Observing.
  • Synchronicity Awareness.
  • Trust.
  • Connecting to your light body.
  • Opening Up.
  • Shielding.
  • Breath Work.
  • Mind Awareness.
  • Creating a new belief system.
  • Observing.

3rd session (Higherself Channeling)

4th session (Connecting with your spirit guide)

  • Higherself Channeling.
  • Higherself Reading.
  • Life Purpose.
  • Spirit guide/angel communication.
  • Getting creative with your life & understanding lessons from the past.

Meet your spirit guide $69.99

We will connect to your higherself, do automatic writing and use your spiritual gifts to discover and get to know your spirit guide.

Approx 1 hour.

Trauma Healing $69.99

Higherself Channeling & Energy Scanning (scanning the body), locating energy blockages in the body, working with vibrations and energy flow, breathing techniques to control the flow of your energy, unblocking your energy centres/chakra’s & activate your senses, hand techniques to remove toxins and negative energy and heal the body.

Spirit Protection $69.99

Spirits can sometimes attach to our energy when we go through a trauma or have continuous low vibrations. High vibrations naturally have a protective field around them, but low vibrations open the door for entities to attach.

I will remove them for you in a 1 hour long healing session. I will cleanse your energy so that the entity or spirit is shaken away from your energy, and then I will open your chakra’s so that your energy flow to your aura allows higher vibrational energy to circulate around you which will protect you for further spiritual attachments.

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