What star seed type are you

We are all from the stars originally, but a star seed generally means someone that has come from, or originated from a particular place. Sometimes, people don’t resonate with any particular type of star seed. This is usually because they are from someone that isn’t mentioned in their research, or maybe it’s because the place they’re from is no longer in existance. And perhaps it’s because they left their original home and travelled around to other places before incarnating here on Earth.

You could liken this, or compare this to someone being born in Egypt, but currently lives in the USA. Their star seed origins would then be Egyptian, with USA influence. In the same way, A Pleaidian star seed, originating in the Pleiades may have recently incarnated in Andromeda. And so, therefore, they may feel a connection between both places.

Check below and the brief descriptions of some of the most common types of star seeds.