Types of spirits and ghosts

There are so many reasons why ghosts and spirits exist, but the biggest one is that we are all spirit. We are multi-dimensional, including: soul, physical, astral, physical and so on. But in terms of those that exist in other realms, that’s not as straight forward. Spirits exist in different realms including the spirit realm, but there are also those who didn’t cross over, and they are earth-bound spirits. If a spirit enters their light upon physical death, then they enter the spirit realm. But if they don’t, then they remain here on Earth as an Earth-bound spirit. The difference is, those that are spirit-bound tend to communicate with us through our abilities, but those that are Earth-bound often can be seen, felt or heard.


There are certain types of spirits that are visually seen as apparitions, and they could be called ‘ghosts’. However, as for their intentions… well, that depends on the spirit.


Many people are afraid of shadows and shadow spirits, but the movies has a big part to play in that. Shadow spirits are not straight forward to understand, because some of them are hurt and need help, and other want to cause harm to people. There are also some shadow spirits that aren’t from this planet, and their intentions can vary from being observers (looking in to this dimension from other dimensions), to purely malevelovence.


Poltergeists literally translates as ‘knocking spirit’ or some may say ‘noisy spirit’. One of the tricks a poltergeist is known for is making ‘knocking’ noises, usually on doors or windows, but it can be a knocking on anything. Unfortunately, the movies have made poltergeists seem bad or evil, but in my personal experience, most of them are not. Although, any spirit can become malevolent if it desires, a poltergeist usually is trying to get someone’s attention.


A demon is a negative and malevolent supernatural being that dates way back in folklore, mythology, religion and spirituality. It even dates all the way back to the Paleolithic age about 2.5 million years ago, during the old stone age. It came about because of human’s fear of the unknown, and strange and horrific happenings. However, they are just as real as the beliefs, but heaven and hell are just states of mind, and not actual places. Demons do not live in hell, that doesn’t exist, they instead roam around the Earth, and take the form of many things including male, female and beastly forms. They also attack people too.


Orbs are fascinating and if the other types of spirits wasn’t confusing enough, orbs are amongst the most confusing and misunderstood of all. Some orbs are coloured, and this depends on the vibration, the purpose, and the authenticity of the orb. But quite simply, a when a person dies, their energy in this real as an Earth-bound spirit starts out as an orb, and sometimes becomes a shadow if it’s extremely negative or low vibrational. Otherwise, it will become an orb, and then eventually once it has enough energy, often materialise into an apparition, which is what we know to be ‘ghosts’. There is another


Hellhounds are a type of spirit that is demonic, and they are beastly. Some people believe they guard the gates of hell, and some believe they are accompanied by flames. But in reality, they are very quick, very sneaky, and they often take theur victims by surpise in their their sleep. Sometimes their agressive and scratch people, and sometimes they just growl, and sometimes they sexually attack their victims from the rearm mating like a big dog on heat. They are usually black, very big and powerful and they are very hard to shake off when they strike. They often have red eyes, and are sometimes called demonic Pitbulls, and they are very ferocious and terrifying beings that intend to place fear in people. When they come, they sometimes have a foul odour about them.



A Succubus is an evil spirit that is believed to be a feminine demon that usually attacks men at night, and usually in their sleep to have sex with them.