Spiritual Awakenings

There are a lot of ways to understanding awakenings, whether spiritual or not. An awakening is metaphorically, a representation of waking up to something. For example, if you feel connected to writing novels, but through one thing or another, you stopped doing it. Then one day, you was desperately seeking answers, and then… BOOM! It just came to you, you’re a writer. You could be classed as awakening. It’s an awareness to something that you already know deep down, but it’s not always obvious.

Perhaps your ego mind doesn’t realise it, but your soul definitely does. However, there’s more types than the one I’ve just mentioned, and one of them is spiritual awakenings.

This is when you metaphorically wake up from the sleeping state of existing in this world, and feel more purpose based, more aligned with a higher purpose, and we could say that on one hand it’s also very strange, but on the other… it’s also very natural.

Spiritual Awakenings are not actually warning you of anything, they are just showing you what’s already there, you just didn’t see it before. But too often, spiritual awakenings can scare people, especially those that are religious (Christian etc), or have religious influences in their mindset. If you have religious fear, then you might perceive the end of the world coming, which could also be interpreted as the second coming of Christ. But Christ is a consciousness, and Jesus was a man who attained Christ consciousness when he aligned himself with Source/God.

However, there is no second coming, but if you do perceive it that way, Jesus is not coming back, because he is already here, as is Buddha and other ascended masters. Angels are amongst us too, but we should not get bogged down in things like that, and instead, just understand and accept that we are connected to everything else, and allow the universe to guide us, rather than allowing our beliefs to manifest into our reality. Because it’s then, that we really do only see what we believe, rather than what is actually there.

Spiritual Awakenings provide us with a wonderful opportunity to heal from the past, and work on our path and purpose, and our talents and abilities. If we are destined for a greater purpose, then it enables us to let go of our past if we are holding on to it, it often ends for us. We can resist that, but actually, it’s the most wonderful, compassionate things that the universe, our guides and angels can do for us. Because it’s then that we set ourselves free from our past, and our karmic baggage, and we then are able to manifest a more abundant, and more authentic life for ourselves.