Light language, synchronicities and universal signs

The universe, spirit guides and angels as well as Source and other cosmic beings communicate with us not literally, but metaphorically. This is done in a way that allows higher consciousness to flow through, which is why 3D language is not often used. Sometimes it is though in some ways, but most often it’s done in the universal language of light codes. Many people call this light language.

What is light language?

Light language is used in so many ways including sacred geometry, synchronicities, signs and angel numbers. Depending on your beliefs and understanding, you can interpret light language according to your perception, because the universe knows what you believe, and will guide you within your belief system.

What are synchronicities?

But do be aware, that even though the universe does this, it will also guide you to open up to enlightenment, which ultimately results in freedom from all beliefs, but is an acceptance of all. Light language is very much a system of understanding things within new age spirituality, and will help you to understand things in such a higher consciousness way, that your ego mind will usually race to try and understand it, before your intuition even kicks in.

Other signs

The universe speaks to us in light language which could be parable, metaphor, symbols, synchronicities and various other forms of communication.