How to manifest what you want

Many people people think that it is difficult to do manifestation, but actually it’s not so difficult at all. There are a few ingredients that you need, including focus, visualisation, getting your energy and vibration right, but above all you need a lot of determination and self belief to manfest things how you want them.

You need to understand what you actually want first, then make a clear, detailed plan of it on paper and most importantly, you need to believe that you can get it. Whilst there’s no rules or limitations on what you can manifest, it’s important to be logical and use common sense with things. For example, you cannot manifest Tom Cruise for a date, or buy a Ferrari for $100, but you can attract partners, financial abundance, friendships, new homes, new jobs and many other things. But to get these things you need to manifest well by co-creating with the universe.

Be clear about what you want to manifest

Get clear with the universe about what you want, so if it’s a relationship, don’t say… I want a relationship, because it might not be the type of relationship you want. But if you want someone who is the most amazing person you’ve ever met, the law of attraction requires you to be the most amazing person you’ve ever met first, because like attracts like. So it’s all about planning, getting the details right, and putting the time, energy and focus into achieving things.

Visualise what you’re trying to manifest

Visualise what you want in detail, and set precise goals of how to achieve what you want. Make lists, journal about what you want, talk about what you want, and think about what you want. This creates the energy and the mindset for the universe to bring it to you. Create a vision board so that you can easily visualise how thing will connect. or work. Consider setting up calendar reminders to prompt you of your goals, and use positive affirmations to affirm them.

Focus your time and energy on your manifestations

You need to focus on what you want, not the things that you don’t want. But if you wanted a new job, be clear on what type of job that is, and why you will be able to do it, and then create opportunities for it to come to you. This doesn’t mean waiting for someone to knock on your door to offer you your dream job, it means finding ways to be able to get that job.

Align your mindset with you manifestations

It’s really important to work on your mindset and truly believe in yourself, and remove any limiting belief systems that you may have. Carry the feeling of what you want with you throughout your day, but don’t just daydream about it, you also have to put the work in too.

Also, stay aware and observant for signs and opportunities, because the universe might show you the way to go with this. Perhaps it will show you a particular path to go down, or a synchronicity to show you something about your manifestation. But if you’re not oberving or paying attention, then you will likely miss the signs, miss the opportunities, and perhaps not manifest in the right time, or even at all.

Don’t do it alone, it’s a co-creation, so work with the universe on this. Ask the universe for what you want, and consider creating a meditation ritual for your manifestations to come to you. Raise your vibration, by bringing joy to your life and maintain it daily, because positive manifestations require a positive energy. So, surround yourself with positivity and believe in yourself and completely trust the process. Practicing gratitude is also a high vibrational action that helps to power manifestations, because if you’re not grateful of what you already have, then how can you realistically get more than what you have that you don’t like? So, spend time and effort aligning your energy to ensure that your energy matches your desires. And before you sleep, go to bed with your manifestion on your mind.

Manifestation recap

Understand exactly what you want in detail, visualise it, and write it down clearly.
Make a detailed, logical plan on how to achieve it. Let go of any limiting beliefs that could hold you back, and truly beleive in yourself and that you deserve what you want. Check to see how logical it is, so see the pheasibility of it coming to you.

Make a vision board, and/or journal about it. Raise your vibration and stay happy to empower your manifestations. Stay aware and observe for signs, synchronicities, and opportunities that may come your way. Ask the universe for it.