How to manage your energy

There are many approaches to energy management. But let’s understand what energy actually is first. Energy comes from source, from the great central sun of the universe, and it manifests into all reality as duality. This is the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine, the dark and the light. So to balance your own personal energy within you, you must understand what is happening within you.

Take a look at your masculine and feminine energy to see which of the two needs more work. For example, is your energy too feminine? If so, you will need to bring more masculine into it. However, that is not the be all and end all of it, there’s also the big question of ‘how do I do that’? You need to take time out for yourself, commit to working on yourself, bringing positive changes to you life, mind and emotions.

Energy management techniques

I have a variety of techniques that I have created especially to help people to balance their energy including helping people to balance their masculine and feminine, but also to help them to balance their emotions, their mindset, and to bring more spirituality into their life. When we awaken to spirituality (also known as a spiritual awakening), we become more sensitive to things around us including other people’s energy, but also to our own energy. The solution is to bring awareness and growth to our daily lives, and to understand how to work with situations that present themselves to us, rather than finding fault with other for their problems.

Energy solutions

The solution is very much to live in peace with ourselves and with others, and to balance the negative emotions with positive thoughts and understanding, and that takes great energy management skills to do that.