Are you an empath

Empaths are healers, and they often attract hurt people because people go to healers for help. But also, we can attract negative people, if our energy is also negative too. This is connected to the law of vibration, as well as the law of attraction. I teach my clients to do exactly that, and it’s quite transformation, it’s a real game changer. You should know when to walk away, not take things personally, know when the energy is too much, and move away from it in the moment before you absorb it.

What is an empath?

A balanced and flowing empath will be able to understand the emotional state of other people, but also be able to resonate and connect with them from the healers’ perspective. An empath goes way beyond being someone who just has empathy and compassion, but also has a psychic ability too called Clairempathy. This means that they are highly attuned to what people need.

Empaths are highly aware of why someone feels the way they feel, and they resonate with them to a high degree too by knowing what it’s like to feel that way themselves; usually from personal experience, or close exposure to it.

The signs of being an empath

Empaths are highly sensitive to the emotional states of others. They often intuitively understand the feelings of others, sometimes even before the person has communicated them (this is psychic ability).
You will feel drained when around people with intense emotions or negative energy. People naturally confide in empaths, even total strangers.

Empaths don’t like crowded places, or places with lots of noise. They experience emotions that are not their own, and often don’t know why (absorbing). They often find it challenging to distinguish their own personal feelings from those being absorbed by the people around them. Mindfulness is quite literally the key, but so is self awareness. So, empaths need to be self aware of their own energy to know when the energy is too much for them; but also, they can use that awareness to know where their strengths are and how they can assist others.

But quite often, empaths who haven’t mastered shielding and flowing tend to walk away from so many people that they copuld actually help if they had a higher vibration and awareness.

What is an Empath?

Although many empaths see their empathic abilities as both a blessing and a curse, and some just see it as a horrible thing, this is because they aren’t managing their empathic abilities. A well discplined and balanced empath will understand the amazing opportunity being an empath is.

But being super connected to emotions can make you feel overwhelmed and burned out, so you must constantly work on yourself and ground regularly.

An empath that doesn’t flow their energy, will usually absorb other people’s energy. When they’re around negativity, they feel it, but they also absorb it too.

Creating boundaries is important for empaths

Personal boundaries with yourself allow you to manage your energy well, but also to increase your self awareness and be more mindful. But also, having boundaries with other people ensure that both you and them know how you want to be treated as well as what you will and won’t accept or tolerate.

An empath that flows their energy will feel completely balanced and be in touch with their psychic abilities.

Many people who think they’re an empath aren’t empaths at all, they’re just vulnerable people that hasn’t healed yet. However, empaths are psychic, but they don’t always know about they’re abilities – or they’re path.

The benefits of being an empath

A balanced empath will have strong intuition.
Excellent social awareness
They also have an ability to create deep, meaningful relationships with other people.
They usually have jobs where they can care for others such as nursing or a carer etc.

Work on your empathic abilities

To work on your empathic power, and learn how to harness your empathic abilities, rather than absorb other people’s energy, you must learn how to shield, but also how to flow. Flowing is quite complex to teach, and is better shown, rather than told.