Arcturian Star Seeds

The Arcturians were first channeled by Edgar Cayce, and then brought into popular knowledge by Dolores Cannon. They are highly evolved profound beings that are very spiritually advanced. They have a strong desire to help others awaken spiritually, and their mission is to bring spiritual healing and grounding to humans while on Earth. They are true pioneers amongst humans and a true powerhouse of strength.

Arcturians are natural born leaders and planners and great in leadership roles. These star seeds are healers, and very wise, but they don’t always realise it until they discover their true authenticity. They can be mistaken for being cold or distant, because people don’t always get you or the way that you are. So, sometimes, Arcturian Star Seeds can sometimes come off as arrogant because they’re emotionally advanced.

Acturians are emotionally advanced

Even though they’re healers, unlike Pleiadian Star Seeds they don’t usually struggle emotionally, they’re more intune with other psychic abilities like Clairsentience and Clairvoyance. They’re more able to help people to heal by teaching them new ways of thinking and to help advance the planet with innovative ideas.

Arcturians are incredible creators, and are interested in how things work. They often drawn to mathematics, data, science, teaching, astronomy, astrology, technology, engineering, communication and especially sacred geometry. These star seeds are able to help guide the world into a more expansive future, the Arcturian way, because their planet is the only 5th dimensional planet in our universe, and Earth is part of big plans for it to be next.

Arcturians connect spirituality and science

Arcturians are quite decisive, and it’s usually their way or the highway! However, in some ways, they really do know best. They have a gift at bringing both science and spirituality together because they recognise that if technology and spirituality can work in sync, then a new society will form that better understands and disseminates divine knowledge.

The difference between Angels and Arcturians

Arcturus is a divine realm, which is connected to the Angelic realm. This is why many Arcturians mistakenly think they’re angels, it’s just because they’re closely connected to them. Their civilsation on Arcturus is in the fifth dimension, where souls leaving the Earth pass through the Arcturian energetic field to recenter before they rebirth in another realm or back on Earth. When people on Earth die, they either ascend, or they re-incarnate back on Earth.

Either way, they have to pass through the divine realm of Arcturus first for decisions to be made on their soul contract. Their planet acts as a landing station for etheric forms, nonphysical consciousness, and rebirthing souls to again become accustomed to a grounded, physical reality before moving into their next incarnation.

Arcturians are highly empathic

These beings are usually very opinionated, withdrawn and stoic, and often don’t realise their natural abilities of public speaking until they try it. Sometimes, they’re interested in building, planning, and designing and they embodying the qualities of enlightenment. This becomes more apparent when they develop their personal spirituality. They are highly empathic and sensitive individuals, but often have Clairsentient abilities too which often prevents them from struggling emotionally like othe types of empaths.

Arcturians and grid working

They also often are spacial empaths and are great grid workers and are very highly intuitive, but they don’t always realise it. One of the things that stand out about Arcturians, is that they are usually very analytic. This helps them to be fantastic at analysis, but unfortunately, they usually take it too far until they have their spiritual awakening and over analyse. Career wise, they are often drawn to teaching roles, counseling and psychology. Arcturian Starseeds carry the energetic imprint of this star system within their souls, which is why they are very divine souls.