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I’m a healer and I specialise in trauma healing, healing hurt and soul realignment. I help people to heal from the soul level and to stop over-thinking, as well as move on from the past into the now. But I also help people to discover who they are now, their life purpose, and to increase their spiritual abilities, connect with their spirit guides and higherself through courses and individual sessions.

I am a spiritual transformational coach, assisting people on the path through awakening, healing, and moving forward in their life purpose. I provide mentoring sessions and courses to help people to understand their gifts, abilities and their path. I specialise in soul realignment, higherself channeling, spirit guide connections and spiritual guidance. I help people to understand and simplify the most difficult of paths.

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Higher Dimensional Work Course

When people have healed, they then are focused on their path and are much more open to higher realms of consciousness, because the hurt of the past is no longer in the present. However, if you are still hurt, I’d recommend you to take the soul realignment course first.

1st session (1.5 hours)

Light body scanning, bringing awareness to your lightbody, working with light codes, catching, intuitive journaling, automatic writing, working with raising your awareness/expanding your consciousness (meditation), observing your thoughts and observing patterns, bringing awareness to your thinking.

2nd session (1.5 hours)

Understanding how the universe works, 12 universal laws (explain how cause and effect, relativity, polarity, duality, judgement & layers work.

3rd session (1 hour)

Grid work/channeling light.

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Soul Realignment Course

In the first session will will do self enquiry where I will shut off your mind to enable to you go down to your soul. This session will help you with over-thinking and being aware of your mind. Re-aligning your soul requires you to change your belief systems, your daily habits, and the way you see yourself.

This session focuses on not switching off your mind, but living in peace with it. We will work on the 1st dimension where the soul sits as well as the 5th dimension where the higherself lives. This session will help you with sleep problems too and because of it’s lack of thinking, it will edge you towards creating new normals not by thinking about what to do, but by being in the soul and re-aligning your priorities. If you have a stressful job, this session will help you to find harmony and balance, but you must also be willing to make compromises for the harmony to enter. You can’t live in noise and except to experience peace.

I will guide you, but you must be willing to change to. If you adapt, I will show you how to truly live in peace and harmony so quickly. It’s only as difficult as you make it, but actually, it’s very simple. We will discuss ways of you letting go of the past, and the old ways of thinking and doing things. Karma keeps us in a cycle of loop not to punish us, but because the universe has a wonderful way of keeping things together that align with each other. However, this is high vibrational as well as low vibrational, so sometime we get stuck in loops of repeating the same ole mistakes time after time because it happens in this life, not just in previous ones. To break this, simple realign with your soul and end the loop of repeat. We will discuss increasing your energy signature in things and staying balanced and grounded too.

1st session (2 hours)

Self enquiry, over-thinking, mind awareness, soul realignment, 5th dimension attunement, improving sleep, creating new normals, purging (letting go of the old and the past/ending karma), increasing your energy signature, staying balanced and grounded.

2nd session (1 hour)

Higherself channeling, energy scanning, raising your consciousness, learning lessons, avoiding feeling disappointed and a failure.

3rd session (1.5 hours)

Getting creative with your life, implementing lessons, expectations, compromise & boundaries, awareness and being observant, manifesting, abundance mindset, de-attaching from lack, life purpose, building a spiritual practice, raising your vibration, inspiration, & motivation, connecting with others, spirit guide / angel communication, using your gifts, talents & abilities.

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7th dimension

This is the lower angelic realm where angels have a various purposes and work to do in different dimensions. Most angels assist with lower dimension ascension as well as sending light into those lower realms into the 5th dimension, so that it is a constant stream of source light and love.

In this 7th dimension you are not only the creator god of your own universe and aware of other creators, but you are actually merging consciousness with them too and so this the reality of the oneness that everybody speaks about of the 5th dimension. But it’s still not all that there is, it’s just the beginning of the reality of the divine oneness where consciousness merges as one, and it is read and perceived from angels in above realms in the 11th dimension in the multi-verses celestial records.

Guardian angels that watch over us exist in this realm, but they are mostly concentrating and focusing on overseeing humanity on Earth and other planets in other universes too. Because the 7th dimension is the realm where consciousness merges with all other universes, guardian angels can be everywhere at the same time. Free will does not exist in this realm, it’s primarily a realm for divine service which is why angels exist here as well as other high vibrational beings too. For cosmic beings who exist in universes and worlds in the multi-verse, they are completely focused on oneness with the divine as are angels are. However, the difference is that angels primarily focus on helping lower dimensional beings such as humans etc, and cosmic beings have their own paths to follow such as creating different realities for their star seeds on Earth and on other planets in other universes too. They are completely focused on a higher spiritual existence, but they don’t see it as being spiritual as most humans do, they see it as a way of existing which is very real to them. They are in complete focus of oneness with the divine and the self without any sense of the ego.

If a cosmic being desires further enrichment, experiences or lessons to expand their consciousness, they may want to incarnate on Earth type planets in the 3rd dimensions and then experience a spiritual awakening in the 4th, and ascend to the 5th just like on Earth, or actually on Earth. They will experience so much by doing this, so it’s understandable why some choose this path. This cannot happen by simply wishing it or intending it like in the lower dimensions, and that’s because it must first be approved from higher realms, because it is divine will. It is not one beings decision, it’s a collective consciousness of decision makers in the 11th dimension that makes those types of decisions. To then incarnate, the self must lower their consciousness to the 6th dimension where they can create their universe in the lower dimensions, because their universe doesn’t exist until they lower to the 6th to create it (according to divine will). This is when free will is given, but the higher the dimension, the less free will there is, the lower the dimension, the more free will there is. However, if you are a 9th dimensional incarnated angelic like myself, then you will be allowed some limited free will because you exist in the 3rd, 4th and 5th realities of Earth and it’s deemed as beneficial to ascension to allow some flexibility of free will. But at the same time, the reality of this is the self is still 9th dimensional and is still an angel, and must surrender to divine will of the higher dimensions.

In the 7th dimension, the self has a greater connection to power because they can access other universes easily and at will. In the 6th dimension they can only perceive them and view them, but they can’t access them or enter them, that is 7th dimensional and above. You are aware of your light body which is full of light and love with no density. You are aware that other light bodies/souls are also creators, some religions teach this as being other gods. However, they are only allowed to create based on divine will, and so their Godhead is limited to the 6th dimension and lower.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Divine oneness/merging consciousness with other creators/universes.
  • Reality of the oneness
  • Guardian angels that watch over us exist in this realm.
  • Free will does not exist.
  • Divine service.
  • Angels and other high vibrational beings exist here (focused on oneness).
  • Angels here focus on helping humans and cosmic beings create different realities.
  • Focused on a higher spiritual existence.
  • No sense of the ego.
  • Greater connection to power (can access other universes easily and at will).
  • You are a light body with no density.

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6th dimension

The realm of the 6th dimension is a very interesting one. Like the 5th realm, you also can you perceive and experience a connection with spirit guides, angels, source and cosmic ancestors in this realm, but spirit guides actually exist in this dimension, which means that their awareness is higher than the 5th which is why they are advisors and guides, because their awareness is greater. Guides communicate from the 6th dimension down into the 4th and 5th.

This realm is beyond time and imagination, time does not exist here. And so, a thousand years could have passed by on Earth, and yes not even 1 second has passed by in the 6th dimension. This real also consists of parallel worlds and universes, and you are multi-dimensional. Being multi-dimensional means that you can be in all of the lower dimensions at the same time. So even though your guide could be 1 million light years away, and yet in your consciousness he/she is right with you in your 4th, 5th, 6th dimension too. This is because in the 6th dimension you are a creator and you are also aware of other creators like me, him and her etc. So your guide tunes into your universe within you, your dimensions, and then connects with you there. If you cannot connect with your guide, it doesn’t mean that he/she is not there, it just means that you are not tuning into the realm that you can perceive them. So therefore, raise your vibration and you will also raise your consciousness and then you’ll connect with them easier.

In the sixth dimension, it’s connected strongly to your third eye chakra, and so visualisations are effortless and you can see other realities easily. If your energy is strong enough, you will be able to see other people’s universes that are within them, and you can also connect with them, but of course protection and free needs to be taken into consideration with this too. So, from the 6th you can enter do teleportation into other realms and change your reality, you can create your universe as you please, providing that it’s done right and is according to divine will too. Divine will is more flexible here than it is in the 7th where there is no free will at all because the angelic realm begins there too.

In the 6th, you are your own creator God, the Godhead of your own universe, and within the universe inside of you that you created yourself as God. However, it is important to understand, that everybody else is also God in the 6th dimension too of their own universe. You cannot interfere with their own Godhead creation of their universe, you can only change your own universe as your own God. This Godhead is not something to be worshipped, it’s only the first level of creation and it is the last dimension of free will because divine service and surrender exists in the realms above this one.

Like the 4th dimension where astral travel is possible, and the 5th where it is easier, here in the 6th it is effortless because you see other universes, not only your universe, and so you can travel with the power of intention. You can do almost anything (within some limits) with much less boundaries and limitations.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Spirit guides exist here.
  • Beyond time and imagination.
  • Multi-dimensional, parallel worlds and universes.
  • Third eye chakra.
  • Enhanced visualisations.
  • You are your own creator/God of your own universe.
  • Divine will is flexible.
  • Effortless astral travel/travel with the power of intention.
  • Less boundaries and limitations, can do almost anything within reason.

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5th dimension

Many people who experience this dimension sometimes believe they are enlightened, and yet the judge others and live in confusion and fear, which is not enlightenment or the 5th dimension at all – it’s the 4th with an experiences of the 3rd and 5th simultaneously. The key is to remove the things that anchor you to the 3rd dimension, so that you can then ascend to the 5th, and that’s where enlightenment is – it’s when the 5th is where your energy signature is stronger.

This realm is where your your higherself to your soul is, also known as the causal plane. it’s called this because it exists because of cause and affect, your actions cause an affect and in this dimension it’s high vibrational and it also has the sense from the 4th when perceiving the 5th that you’re close to achieving something big. That sense is achieving 5th dimensional ascension, but that’s only the beginning, there’s a lot more dimensions as well as that, you may not be aware of the growth necessary there, which may cause you to feel that you are close to achieving the big thing. In one way it’s true, in another way… it’s just the completion of one thing, but there will be another beginning afterwards too.

The 5th dimension is about unity, oneness and connectedness. You can experience connectedness in the 3th, 4th and 5th realms, and perceive other connectedness in higher dimensions but not fully reside in it until you create your energy signature there.

When you exist in the 5th, you are heart centred and no fear, judgement or over-questioning exists here, it’s the realm of healing and pure flow where healing flowing energy exists from source from higher dimensions. The healing light energy is sent into the crystalline grid of the 5th dimension and it is charged and available in unlimited abundance for all on Earth. It comes from the angelic realm of the 9th dimension, and sent through the 8th, into the 4th and anchored to the 5th.

In this realm, astral travel is not only possible just like the 4th realm, but it become easier too. You will understand very well how energy feels, high vibration will be in your life and be a normality to you. You understand connectedness well if you energy signature is high in this dimension, and you feel freedom in all things. You make excellent decisions based on intuition than 3rd dimensional thought from the ego mind.

You can easily connect to universal knowledge, also known as the akashic records if your energy signature is high here. This is also the flowing dimension. It is called that because universal flowing healing light energy is a strong reality to you in this dimension, where you can easily use this energy to heal yourself and others. But since you can also tap into your own akashic records, you can also bring in awareness of yourself of the past, present and future.

In this dimension unlimited abundance exists in constant flow to the rhythm of the universe, and this realm is where you have an abundance mindset and so you manifest by realising your hearts desire in the 5th dimension, and then getting creative with it in the 4th dimension, and then it has like a magnet affect towards the 6th dimension where you create your reality from the 6th into the 5th. It’s quite difficult to get a clear picture of how it works, so the simple thing is to not think about it, and just do it.

The 5th dimension brings us un-conditional love, because the high healing light energy that is anchored here is loving and it is also un-conditional. It doesn’t give you energy or love or healing on condition that you do this or that, it does it automatically, that’s what it was created for. It’s up to you how you manifest it within you and around you, the universe supports you in all of your endeavours by giving you what your energy signature produces based on your energy. You will be drawn to healing or healing others naturally, and this is because the vibration of the 5th dimension is healing and love, and so you will absorb it’s energy into your aura and it will affect what you are drawn to. If your energy signature exists in the healing realm, don’t be surprised if you feel drawn to healing.

This dimension is the highest level of a human’s individual personality, also known as the higherself. The reason why it is so easy to manifest from this dimension, is because unlike the 4th, this realm is based on high energy of abundance, whereas the 4th absorbs energy from the 3rd dimension of fear, limits and restrictions, and those things do not exist in the 5th reality.

This realm is connect to your throat chakra, because all chakra’s are connected to dimensions and visa verse. For example: 1st dimension (root chakra), 2nd (sacral), 3rd (solar plexus), 4th dimension (heart chakra), 5th dimension (throat chakra), 6th dimension (3rd eye), 7th dimension (crown chakra). So because it is the 5th dimension, you will also be strong in communication, not necessarily great at saying things, but you won’t allow your communication to have many mistakes. You will lead the way and others will follow, and your communication will play a massive part usually in this. You speak your truth, your own inner truth which may not be the same as other people’s inner truths, and that is ok with you in the 5th dimensional reality.

Another reason to master communication in the physical realm of the 3rd dimension, and the awakening realm if the 4th dimension, is because you can effortlessly communicate with your spirit guides and angel team as well as other high dimensional beings such as galactics. Telepathy is used as easily as words are, and it can become your preferred choice of language because it’s effortless and requires very little energy, unlike talking and writing does.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Enlightenment/ascension.
  • Higherself.
  • Causal plane/cause and affect (karmic healing).
  • Light/high vibrations/healing energy.
  • Unity, oneness and connectedness.
  • Heart centred.
  • No fear, judgement, or sense of lack.
  • Pure flow of energy.
  • 144 Crystalline grid.
  • Unlimited abundance.
  • Stronger ability to astral travel.
  • Freedom.
  • High intuition.
  • Personal akashic records.
  • Inspired/increased manifestation.
  • Clarity.
  • Reality of un-conditional love.
  • Throat chakra.
  • Communication, self expression, inspired creativity.
  • Communicate with cosmic ancestors, galactics, angels, spirit guides and source.
  • Telepathy.

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2nd dimension

Just like the 1st dimension, this is basic awareness of itself, but also of things around itself. So you are aware of noises around you, but you are not seeing those things and neither do you interact with it. This dimension is a bit like a dream state where you’re asleep but can hear people talking. You are also aware of now and not now, but it’s not much more conscious than that. You are also aware of your separation from source and from yourself and others. This is because you not only have a sense of the self, but you also have a sense of others too, and so it causes duality, and its duality that means 2.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Basic awareness of itself, but also of things around itself.
  • Dream state
  • Aware of now and not now.
  • Aware of your separation/duality

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1st dimension

The first dimension is basic awareness of the self. It is things like plants and minerals, and so the first dimension of consciousness within us is alignment with our true self. We are whole, and we don’t over-think in this dimensions, we just exist and we are whole. And this is what soul re-alignment is all about, bringing you back into the basic awareness of the self and then realigning with your truth. This is a great way for you to enter the 5th dimension of consciousness, because when the mind isn’t active, the realisation of the 5th dimension begins.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • The first principle of soul re-alignment. Awareness of the soul.
  • Brings peace to an over-active mind that over-thinks and over-analyses.
  • Helps people to sleep.

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11th dimension

The 3rd sphere of the angelic realm and the highest realm of all before Source is the 11th dimension. This is the realm of the highest ranking angels which are: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones and it is also the realm for the cosmic records or the akashic records of the multi-universe. It is the realm for purity and the highest aspect of divinity. Seraphim stands for serpents, and they are the highest angelic class.

Seraphiel, Michael, and Metatron are all known to be Seraphim angels. Seraphim are agents of purification and they make decisions on whether family karmic debt can be erased or whether it should be transmuted. The Cherubim are the keepers of celestial records that hold the knowledge of divine wisdom and all knowing. Thrones ensure divine will is carried out and that the cosmic harmony of all universal laws is kept. Thrones carry out divine will by ensuring that other angels including Powers keep order according to divine will, so that everything stays in order.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • 1st sphere of the angelic realm (highest of all before Source).
  • Seraphim (serpents ‘highest’, Seraphiel, Michael, and Metatron), Cherubim (keepers of celestial records) and Thrones (ensure divine will, universal laws) exist here.

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10th dimension

The 2nd sphere of the angelic realm is the 10th dimension. High ranking angelics exist here including: Dominions, Virtues, Powers. Powers are angels whose primary duty is to oversee lower angels to ensure that the cosmos remains in order, so they are also observers too. Virtues focus on vibration and negative energies in the world and the universe, and they are the ones that bring us signs and miracles. Dominions regulate the duties of lower angels just like Powers do, but they are the ones in authority over all.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • 2nd sphere of the angelic realm.
  • Dominions (authority over all), Virtues (focus on vibration and negative energies, signs and miracles), Powers (ensure that the cosmos remains in order) exist here.

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9th dimension

This realm is where angels and archangels exist. Like all angels in all realms, they are completely subservient to the divine, but the angelics in this realm create the blueprints for life. the archangels in this realm primarily focus is creating ways for extra energy and growth to be created in the lower realms. They oversee the other angels that exist here, and come up with new ideas, and they make the big decisions of the lower realms. Other beings that are not angelics also exist here, but they are also completely subservient to the divine with no free will too.

Principalities are the highest ranking angelics in this realm and they are above Archangels and they focus on guiding groups of angels and humans and other entities in specific areas, particularly in those in groups. The lowest order and 3rd sphere of angels exists in this dimension.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Principalities (guiding groups of angels), angels and archangels exist.
  • Creation of the blueprints for life.
  • Primary focus is creating ways for extra energy and growth to be created in the lower realms.
  • Beings (not only angelics) also exist here with no free will.
  • 3rd sphere (lowest) of angels.

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8th dimension

Just like the 4th realm, the 8th dimension is also a portal to other dimensions, except this is for the higher realms to connect to the lower ones. Ascended masters such as Jesus and Buddha exist here, although they also work in other dimensions, but Christ consciousness is created here because it’s a gateway to light realms, also known as ‘heaven’ or ‘paradise’ to some people.

Ascended masters are primarily focused on assisting humans with ascension and all beings in the realm are purpose driven, they have a mission or a purpose to serve, which is why the 8th dimension is the perfect realm for them to exist in, because it’s a gateway to all realms, including the 4th dimension for spiritual awakenings. They have access to helpers in lower dimensions, and they are viewed angels who connect the higher dimensions to the lower ones, they deliver high vibrations of light which is sent from the 9th dimension. The 8th dimensional beings are focused mostly on ensuring things are achieved from the instructions of the higher realms. They have access to helpers in lower dimensions, and they are viewed angels who connect the higher dimensions to the lower ones, they deliver high vibrations of light which is sent from the 9th dimension. The 8th dimensional beings are focused mostly on ensuring things are achieved from the instructions of the higher realms.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Portal to other dimensions/gateway to light realms (Christ consciousness), aka heaven or paradise.
  • Ascended masters such as Jesus and Buddha exist here (Christ consciousness).
  • Delivery of high vibrations of light (from the 9th dimension).

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4th dimension

This is the dimension of spiritual awakenings. You can see the 3rd dimension in full but you also get a glimpse into and sense of the 5th dimension. In this real, astral travel is possible but it is not always easy for some people who don’t have a high energy signature in this dimension. Synchronicities happen for a variety of reasons including angel guidance, but also your akashic records and you also experience other dimensional reality. De ja vu is common too as is seeing orbs. But in this reality, you need to be very flexible to be able to master it, and so getting creative with your life will create a strong energy signature in this dimension.

Because you have a sense of the 5th dimension which is the healing realm, you usually feel drawn towards helping others or healing others. But be careful, because you perceive un-conditional love (even if it is subconsious) you can have extremely high expectations of others, which can cause you to feel that others are ‘narcissists’ because they don’t show compassion in the way that you expect it. Let go of that, and then shine your light and your vibration will raise.

In the 4th dimension you also still have a sense of time just like the 3rd, but you are also aware of timelines if your energy signature here is strong enough. This means you can perceive the past and past lives as well as potential future lives (future version of ourselves) and parallel universes.

This dimension can be even more difficult than the 3rd at times because you experience the 3rd and the 5th at the same time, and it can cause severe anxiety and depression (dark night of the soul) for some people who over-think things instead of going with the flow. This comes from the ego mind of the 3rd dimension, except you also have higher awareness with it too. In the case of a dark night of the soul or anxiety or depression, a reading is advised by someone who understands spiritual awakenings and ascension very well. The right type of reading will bring you healing.

In this dimensions of consciousness and reality, you see can see orbs and energy if you expand your consciousness and energy signature. You also have vivid dreams and often wake up at around 3:00am to 3:30am but most people between 3-5. This realm brings you a great opportunity to get creative with your life with inspired thinking and sensing, feeling the way rather than thinking it.

You will have the sense of wanting to create a new reality, unless you’re blocked, and this requires you to simplify your life and live in the now instead of the past and future. You sense other realities, dimension, universes, creators and multiple versions of Earth, so you also have the opportunity to increase your energy signature in this realm and level up to higher dimensions.

Astral travel is possible, but not always easy because for some their awareness and energy signature may be high enough to do it well, but for others they need to work on things more. To astral travel, it is wise to work on your astral/energetic/emotional/cosmic/etheric/merkaba/light body.

In this realm, you can also perceive and receive messages from cosmic ancestors, galactics and spirit guides here too.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Astral travel.
  • Synchronicities.
  • Personal akashic records.
  • Timelines/De ja vu.
  • Seeing orbs and spirits.
  • Helping or healing others.
  • Higher expectations.
  • Past lives, potential future lives (future version of ourselves) and parallel universes.
  • Dark night of the soul/spiritual anxiety.
  • Higher awareness.
  • Spiritual gifts/psychic ability.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Intuition.
  • Inspiration.
  • Wisdom.
  • Creativity.
  • Light body.
  • Receive messages from cosmic ancestors, galactics, angels, spirit guides and source.

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3rd dimension

The third dimension is a place of fear, judgement, lack, anger, hatred, hurt and other types of low vibrations. When you exist in higher dimensions such as the fourth, you find it hard to accept people in the 3rd because you are losing those lower vibrations because you’re on your way to the 5th.

The 3rd dimension is increased duality and the sense of right and wrong and voting for things that your ego mind associates with, and you don’t have and sense of things being different to the way you see them. This causes conflicts due to power struggles and the need to be right. But when you have a spiritual awakening, you enter the fourth dimension where you become aware of a new way of doing things.

Although the third dimension has lower vibration, it is extremely important for growth and expansion. People re-incarnate back into this dimension when they have lessons to learn, and others from other worlds such as star seeds and lightworkers come here also to learn lessons and to experience new things. However, lightworkers and star seeds will awaken to the 4th dimension at some point in the lifetime on Earth, and they need to focus on their fear, judgement of others, as well as their ego mind and to work on their trust issues.

In this dimension we experience…

But also…

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Fear, judgement, lack, anger, hatred, hurt and other types of low vibrations.
  • Duality and the sense of right and wrong.
  • Growth, expansion and lessons.

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Work with energy course

This is a three part course enabling you to work with energy in the 5th dimension. In the 1st session, I will show you how tune into your own body and then scan it. You will also learn how to send energy to others, because I will show you how to connect to your kundalini and then to the other persons where you can transfer universal healing energy from the 5th dimension and send it to others through their own energy. We will work with universal life force energy (also known as Reiki or Prana) and Kundalini too. I will introduce you to Archangel Raphael or another angel that you can work with for your healing.

In the 2nd session, I will show you how to raise your vibration and how to make it a new daily normal for you, so it increases your energy signature in the 5th dimension. This dimension is known by many names such as the healing realm, the enlightenment realm as well as others. If you work in the 5th dimension daily and practice increasing your vibration there, you will gain even stronger healing ability, because your energy signature will also be stronger in that realm too. Also in this session, I will show you how to do higherself channeling and intuitive writing, to help you to get creative with your life and to help you to learn your lessons in life.

In the 3rd session, we will tune into the 10th dimension and access high vibrations of light from Archangel Ariel, to send into the 5th dimensional 144 crystalline grid. This is also known as the ascension grid, and this work is known as grid work.

1st Session

Energy Scanning & 5th dimensional healing attunement (1+ hours). Learn how to scan the body, it’s energy, it’s musclues, it’s organs and detect where healing energy need to go, and then learn how to send it there.

2nd Session

Increase your energy signature, raise your vibration and higherself channeling. We increase our energy signature by by the amount of energy we put into things (1+ hours).

3rd Session

Channel high vibrations of light from the 10th dimension ‘grid work’. When Reiki and other healings don’t work, you can learn to access angelic energy (1+ hours).


Total Price $149.99 (saving $59.98).

Or $69.99 (separately).

Emotional Healing Course

This course consists of two separate sessions so that you can successful work on emotional healing. It’s all about letting go of emotions, but there’s much more to it than that, including letting go of persistent thoughts and over-thinking. It’s about learning how to believe in yourself and bring your energy back to wholeness again. Sometimes, for any number of reasons, our soul can defragment. This is not the same as the soul breaking or fracturing, or even dying. Over time, our mind can get hurt and it will be felt in the heart which is the seat of the soul, and this can cause fragmentation. Soul fragmentation is when part of the soul stay in certain dimensions of the past, where we feel we are unable to let go of.

And so, soul re-alignment doesn’t get involved with the messiness or the birds nest of the mind, it’s far too complicated to go there. Instead, it just re-aligns itself with your energy and it makes your feel whole again. We start off this session in the mind, and gradually let it go, until we sink down into the soul, and then we stay there for a while. When will also create new normals where you change the way you do things, the way you priorities things, we will switch off your mind for a while and stay rooted and grounded in the 1st dimension of the root chakra until you have brought peace back to your life.

In the 2nd session we will do self realisation where we will take a look at who you really are in your authenticity, not who other people or your mind says you are. We will use higherself channeling to access the 4th dimension to get creative with your life and help you to navigate your way through your life and to learn lessons from the past.

1st Session

Soul re-alignment. Re-align your energy, and bring your whole energy into wholeness again, and notice an immediate difference with how you feel. This is 1st dimensional work (1+ hours).

2nd Session

Self realisation will help you to discover who you are now and to move forward with your life. I will show you how to use intuition to help you to navigate your life (1+ hours).

Total Price $99.99 (saving $39.99).

Or $69.99 (separately).

Spiritual Protection

Spirit attachments can happen when we are in the 3rd dimension, and even the 4th dimension it is also hard to shake them off. When we reach 5th dimension and above, none of that exists, and that’s because the lower vibrations cannot follow us into those realms. Sometimes using dried sage lightens the room enough so that spirits cannot stay. However, on some occasions, for whatever reason, they do stay. Often this is because they are attracted to our low vibration and they feed off of our low vibrations, and this is why when we have a spirit attachment, we feel very tired most of the them.

I can show you how to raise your vibration high enough so that nothing negative can attach to you, and show you how to keep it high enough to keep it that way. For this, it is usually 1 session. However, if you relationship issues, , family issues, or trauma or any other hurt in your life which needs transmuting, it may not work on it’s own. Therefore a transition would be necessary. Therefore, I’d recommend you to do the soul re-alignment course.

Spiritual Protection (1 hour) $69.99

Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered why we are here? When people connect to the 5th dimension but are not highly evolved in it, they can assume that it is an unfolding process, and in all honesty it is. However, what they don’t see is higher dimensional reality which is the same dimension, but a higher reality and a higher tuning in of this dimension. Many people assume that because they see 5th dimensional reality, that they live in 5th dimensional reality, and this is not the case.

It’s all down to their energy signature, and if they haven’t opened the DNA activations within them for accessing the timeline necessary to see those things, then they simply won’t see them. This happens because they exist in a 4th dimensional reality, looking into the 5th dimension. It’s not the same as being in the 5th dimensional reality, because being there, rather than only seeing there, allows you to see timelines that so many people cannot see. When you can understand your own akashic records, you can understand your life purpose. Quite often, if it is done right, you can also understand timelines too.

Price $69.99 (1 hour approximately).

Increase your gifts course

Many of my clients want to know how can they increase their gifts. There is multiple ways of doing this, and I recommend a way of doing it which is extremely simple and easy, but it’s not as simple as doing one simple session, it takes quite a bit of work and this why I recommend the ‘increase your gifts course’.

In this course, you will learn how to remove blockages raise your awareness. This is done by tuning into the 2nd dimension, you will then be taken down to the 1st dimension and then into the 5th dimension. In the 1st session you will learn how to remove blockages and increase your awareness. This will be done by tuning into the 2nd dimension, and then go down to the 1st dimension for grounding and balance. Then we will tune in download high energy from the 5th dimension for additional high energy from your root chakra to aim for a kundalini awakening which will vastly increase your awareness. Then we will access the 9th dimension and tune into the wisdom and high energy or Archangel Uriel.

1st Session

Remove blockages & work on your awareness. Learn how to open up and to avoid blockages too.

2nd Session

Tune into the 1st dimension, journey to the 5th dimension and have access the high energy and wisdom.

3rd Session

Access the 9th dimension to assist you with illuminations, readings, light codes etc.

Soul Re-alignment

Sometimes our soul can become misaligned with our energy. The soul doesn’t actually become injured, or lost, actually it does get trapped in other dimensions where hurt existed. when we awaken to the 4th dimension, we become aware that the 3rd dimension is our old and the 5th dimension is our new, although it often takes us time to adjust and realise what’s going on.

Soul mis-alignment can cause us karmic issues as well as harmony and emotional issues in the now. It cause cause you so many other harmonic discontent as well as flowing problems. But soul re-alignment usually will help you to keep your mind at bay, to keep the hurt in the mind and not in your heart, to feel completely whole and content with yourself. 1 session will show you how to bring yourself into alignment with yourself, but the soul re-alignment course will show you how to work on complete tranformation.

Discover the sound and vibration of the 11th dimension

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Tune into the sound of the universe and experience it’s sound and vibration in the 11th dimension. Creation/Expansion/infinite possibilities. This is the realm of the akashic records and is the realm for purity and the highest aspect of divinity before source. Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones exist here. Seraphim are responsible for the sound and vibration of the universe and everything that vibrates within it. They are responsible for keep the vibration of love and light flowing through the universe, and Christ accesses this and sends it through the 8th dimension. Cherubim are angels of harmony and knowledge and are responsible for keeping the records of the universe. Unlike the Powers, they don’t just keep records for mankind, but they keep them for the whole universe too. They ensure that universal laws are kept at the highest level. Thones are angels of justice (the law of compensation and the law of cause and affect and the law of karma) and ensure that divine will and justice is carried out in all situations by all angels, and in all of the universe.