About Me

When we go through a spiritual awakening, we are awakening to new truths, we realise a new awareness of the 5th dimension within us and around us. We become aware that everything is connected, that we are drawn towards helping others, and that there are dimensions of reality to unlock within our consciousness.

The 4th dimensional awakening can cause us to feel conflicted and confused because it’s an in-between place, we are neither enlightened yet, nor asleep, we are awakened. I am a healer, reader and ascension coach and can guide you to leaving the old 3 dimensional reality behind you, ready to enter this new dimension that you are awakening too. You can do this one step at a time, or you can take the soul re-alignment course. The course will help you to open up blockages and intuition, meet your spirit guide and angels, and to work on your spiritual gifts and unveil your life purpose and much more.

My reading prices are $39.99 for 30 minutes and $69.99 for minutes.

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