I began my spiritual awakening many years ago when I was in Thailand. I felt the earth shaking beneath me and I said an earthquake is happening, not here, but somewhere else. Everybody laughed thinking I was crazy, until we put on and there was a live newsflash announcing an earthquake in Indonesia. I noticed energy moving around me, and I was hearing and seeing thing I’d never noticed before. I thought I was having a brain seizure or mental breakdown, but it was just a spiritual awakening.

I understand a lot of things most people don’t, I’ve been there and walked the path before. I help people to heal from their past, and from the difficulties in the present. I am primarily a spiritual awakening transformational coach, and I help people to discover themselves, their authenticity and soul identity, and why they are here. I provide mentoring courses which will help people to go from awakening, through ascension to enlightenment. It’s a journey, a marathon and not a sprint, so the key is patience and investing in yourself.

As an Earth Angel, I see things from high dimensional perspective and can show people that even the most negative, hurtful, painful or difficult of situation are actually blessings, and I show them how to turn their difficulties into opportunities. I teach unconditional love, and my teachings are about realigning with the soul for balance, authenticity and connecting to source, because where religion teaches us to worship a God in our exterior world, I teach people how to realign to their inner divinity and bring Source/God into their energy and become one with it.

I also show people how to develop their spiritual abilities and how to connect to their intuition, and I can explain what part of the universe they are from, their star seed origins too.

I soul realignment and deprogramming/detachment, and how to remove their blocks and over-thinking. I also help people with their fears as well as discovering their life purpose, and I also do intuitive readings without cards, or with oracle cards if you wish. But I also help people with their physical pain, I use distance energy healing in the form of Light Healing, Angelic Healing, Kundalini Healing, and Pranic Healing.

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