Self Healing Course

So many people these days rely on energy healers to bring healing to their life. What many people haven’t quite yet realised is that you can do this all by yourself. The physical body experiences whatever it comes into contact with, and so if your physical body is living in a negative environment, then your physical body will also produce negative energy. This can cause physical pain too! The aim of this course is to show you how to move away from the past and into higher vibrations, and to scan the body to find blockages and low vibrations, and eventually to understand how to download higher vibrations of light, not only from your 5th dimensional consciousness, but also directly from source.

Universal Alignment

So you’re seeing angel numbers, but you don’t know what the universe or angels are saying to you? Manifesting can be as easy or as tricky as we make it too, and we often stand in our own way of what we are trying to attract. When we bring oneself into universal alignment, we standContinue reading “Universal Alignment”


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