Understanding your dreams

Dreams have long been discussed since as far back as civilisation goes. However, for those who are spiritually awakening, dreams can mean very different things based on a number of factors including (but not limited to) your energy, and what you’re guided to do.

When it’s energy based, it means whatever is on your mind and in your thoughts will reflect in your dreams. So if you’re feeling stuck or unable to go anywhere, then you might have a dream of getting stuck in quick sand or drowning in water. If you are afraid, then you will probably have a nightmare where something scare happens. If you have a fear of falling in love, you may see an ex partner resurface in your dreams, especially someone who hurt your deeply and they might be trying to prevent you new partner from meeting you.

If it’s spirit based (meaning if it’s guided by your angels), your guides, the universe or Source/God, then it will usually be a metaphor that’s showing you something in your dreams and they will also help you to remember it too. We don’t remember our dreams sometimes because we’re simply not meant to, it’s often just our energy playing out in a dream. But when it’s guided from spirit, then it’s revealing something or showing you something. It’s usually communicated in light language in a metaphor and so, it will represent something, but it’s your job to know what it is.

Tips for understanding your dreams: Write them down and reflect regularly to see what you’re being shown.

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