Spiritual Awakenings

When you feel drawn to new things that are higher vibrational in nature, feeling drawn to seeking healing from your past, seeing angel numbers, knowing that things are changing in the world on a massive scale, and feeling that you are here for something important, that’s all a spiritual awakening.

Many people naturally find their way, but others struggle. This is because of conditioning and deep programming from family, friends and society. We simply have to unlearn what we have been taught and create a new belief system. Nothing is as it seems. Everything around you seems fake right? Even people seem really fake? Whilst this can be a really strong feeling within you, it’s more than you think it is because there’s layers to what is actually going on. It’s not this way or that way, it’s different for all of us. We see what we believe and what we align to. If you are a Christian, you will Christian things everywhere through synchronicities. But if you are a Muslim, you will see Islamic things everywhere, this is because we see what we align with and what we believe.

It’s important to know what you believe and why. Is it because you were taught, or because the universe is showing you these things. Don’t over-think, instead observe. It’s as easy or difficult as we make it.

The first step is healing. You need to heal from your past, and it should be your priority, don’t rush into trying to increase your spiritual gifts or your life purpose, otherwise you will likely end up at a block.

The second step is to understand your blocks, and work on ways to remove them.

The third step is to discover your life purpose, gifts and abilities and work on your path.

The last step is to open up your path in ways where you can bring your life purpose to others so that you can be the lightworker that you really are.

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