Spirit Attachments

If you feel tired and withdrawn and have noticed unusual things in you home such as shadows and strange noises, then you could have a spirit attachment. Spirits could be attracted to us for a number of reasons including they are attracted to our home, or an object in out home. Or quite simply, they could be attracted to our energy. If spirits find a host (physical body) which is unprotected (not flowing with high vibration) then they regard it as fair game and will attach.

Sometimes spirits are just interested in draining our energy, and other times they are much more malevolent. The important thing is to not worry and not be afraid because that’s how they attach to you. They notice your fear or low vibration and it’s like food to them, they can attach because they drain your energy, and that’s why you feel so tired.

Tips to removing a spirit attachment: Don’t worry or be afraid, raise your vibration and seek healing.


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