How to do shadow work

When something is in the light it is understood as clear or clarity, but when when it’s unclear or unknown regarding us, it’s understood as shadow work. When we have a spiritual awakening, we wake up from what we perceive as a life of sleeping. It’s then that we go within and bring our shadows to the surface and into the light. Now this is of course metaphors meaning, things we know (light) about ourselves and things we don’t (shadows). We then go on to do shadow work with ourselves to find out all we can.

Things we will naturally look for are our gifts, life purpose and how the universe works. To do shadow work well, you need to look deep within you and take a look at the things you don’t know and work on them until you do. This can be as easy or as difficult as we make it, because we usually stand in our own way, and the key is to step out of our own way.

Tips for doing shadow work: Take a look at the things you don’t know about yourself, don’t be impatient, give yourself time and patience and work through those things one by one!


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