How do I heal?

Even by asking this question suggests that you are not understand the concept of flow. Flow is about being happy with whatever comes your way, and happiness most certainly is a choice. You can choose to be happy, sad or angry. Many people have no idea how to do this, but it’s really not difficult.

A great first step would be to let go of how you relate to your past. Nothing is personal until we make it personal. Trauma happens because we feel on some level that what happens to us shouldn’t happen, we don’t realise that actually it’s teaching us something so that in the future it will help us to shape our path. Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason, and if you are hurt, you must realise that this is meant to be for your path.

Let’s take a look at this with an open mind for a moment. Let’s take the example of someone who was physically abused. That person could easily feel that they are cursed or god hates them, but it’s neither of those things. It’s simply a lesson, even if it seems so painful. The pain is there because it’s come from within and raised to the surface for healing like it should do. It’s better out than in, but bear in mind that you do need to work on releasing and letting go too. I do coaching session on this subject, if you feel drawn.


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