Soul Realignment Course

Soul Realignment Course

Includes: Soul re-alignment, path & purpose/higherself channeling, raising your vibration & awareness, spirit Guide Connection.

In this course, I will show you how to re-align with and connect to your soul, and to understand your life purpose. I will also how you you to let go of your mind attachment, and show you ways of how to stop thinking and hour to connect to your higherself and spirit guides. We will cover purging, self realisation, raising your vibration, and connecting to your light body. I will show you ways to shield against other people, we will also cover breath work, blockages, raising your awareness, reflection, observing and automatic writing.

Soul Realignment

We learn to think and to be in our mind so much, that we become completely programmed to over-think, even school teaches us this. We can spend so much time in our mind that it hurts us and prevents us from recognising our self worth and knowing our true value. Over time, we often forget […]

Deprogramming and detachment

From the moment we are born, we are programmed. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, society, religion, government, friends, family, partners… they all contribute to our programming. We develop fears and conditioning without even knowing it, and sometimes we end up with so much confusion and hurt and fears and it can prevent us from living a […]

Raising your vibration

The law of correspondence states that we act how we feel. Look at it this way, if you feel happy, you will act happy. But if you feel angry, you will act angry. You flow your energy according to how you feel and what is going on within you. I will show you ways of how to raise your vibration and lead a flowing, vibrant, joyous, free and abundant life.

Universal Alignment

So you’re seeing angel numbers, but you don’t know what the universe or angels are saying to you? Manifesting can be as easy or as tricky as we make it too, and we often stand in our own way of what we are trying to attract. When we bring oneself into universal alignment, we stand […]


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