Life Purpose and Spiritual Gifts Course

Includes: Soul re-alignmentpath & purpose/higherself channelingraising your vibration & awarenessspirit guide connection, discovering and working on your spiritual gifts and abilities, moving forward with your life purpose.

This course is an extension from the ‘soul realignment course’ but it also covers working on your gifts and abilities and developing them as well as guidance of how to move forward with your life purpose. This course has an extra 2 more sessions than the soul realignment course because it covers most things, including lots that the soul realignment course doesn’t.

Universal Alignment

So you’re seeing angel numbers, but you don’t know what the universe or angels are saying to you? Manifesting can be as easy or as tricky as we make it too, and we often stand in our own way of what we are trying to attract. When we bring oneself into universal alignment, we standContinue reading “Universal Alignment”


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