Increase your awareness and psychic abilities

We see things in a way that relates to our perception and not from fact. But very often we make judgements toward others and decisions with things because of the way we see things. For example, if someone projected their feels and energy onto us a little too much, we could feel they are attacking or being aggressive with us. Also, if someone is acting outside of compassion, many people label them as narcissists because we don’t understand or see that they are hurt too, and are acting out of the way they feel and have been programmed. We often don’t see other things, because we make things personal. This raising your awareness session will show you how to see things differently, but also how to observe what is going on instead of over-thinking things and ending up more confused than before.

Improve your psychic abilities

We all have psychic and spiritual abilities, even if we don’t understand what they are. If we are not blocked, we will use them naturally, and because they are so natural, we often don’t recognise them. This session will help you to open up to them, and enhance your abilities.

Higherself Channeling

It can be so difficult to understand what your higherself is saying sometimes, especially when we over-think. We have also spent a lifetime thinking, acting, believing things that were taught to us, that we often don’t naturally understand our higherself, and instead, we tend think more. This higherself channeling session will show you how to navigate your mind away from your thoughts, and into your higherself.

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