Trauma healing course

Trauma healing course

Includes: Timeline healing (trauma healing), Soul Realignment, Improving Self Worth.

This course consists of 3 sessions, the 1st one for trauma healing so that you can overcome your trauma’s. And the 2nd one, to stop over-thinking, and let go of your thoughts and re-align with your soul. This will help you to prevent over-thinking in the future and to help you with basic meditation and self love and bring it into your energy with a whole new mindset.

Soul Realignment

We learn to think and to be in our mind so much, that we become completely programmed to over-think, even school teaches us this. We can spend so much time in our mind that it hurts us and prevents us from recognising our self worth and knowing our true value. Over time, we often forget […]

Improving Self Worth

We are programmed and conditioned to believe that to achieve things we must work harder, think harder, make judgements, and be afraid of certain things. It’s those very things that trap us and keep us questioning things, and not believing in ourselves. And then things happen to cause us hurt, pain, suffering or trauma. The […]


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