Soul Realignment Course

In the first session will will do self enquiry where I will shut off your mind to enable to you go down to your soul. This session will help you with over-thinking and being aware of your mind. Re-aligning your soul requires you to change your belief systems, your daily habits, and the way you see yourself.

This session focuses on not switching off your mind, but living in peace with it. We will work on the 1st dimension where the soul sits as well as the 5th dimension where the higherself lives. This session will help you with sleep problems too and because of it’s lack of thinking, it will edge you towards creating new normals not by thinking about what to do, but by being in the soul and re-aligning your priorities. If you have a stressful job, this session will help you to find harmony and balance, but you must also be willing to make compromises for the harmony to enter. You can’t live in noise and except to experience peace.

I will guide you, but you must be willing to change to. If you adapt, I will show you how to truly live in peace and harmony so quickly. It’s only as difficult as you make it, but actually, it’s very simple. We will discuss ways of you letting go of the past, and the old ways of thinking and doing things. Karma keeps us in a cycle of loop not to punish us, but because the universe has a wonderful way of keeping things together that align with each other. However, this is high vibrational as well as low vibrational, so sometime we get stuck in loops of repeating the same ole mistakes time after time because it happens in this life, not just in previous ones. To break this, simple realign with your soul and end the loop of repeat. We will discuss increasing your energy signature in things and staying balanced and grounded too.

1st session (2 hours)

Self enquiry, over-thinking, mind awareness, soul realignment, 5th dimension attunement, improving sleep, creating new normals, purging (letting go of the old and the past/ending karma), increasing your energy signature, staying balanced and grounded.

2nd session (1 hour)

Higherself channeling, energy scanning, raising your consciousness, learning lessons, avoiding feeling disappointed and a failure.

3rd session (1.5 hours)

Getting creative with your life, implementing lessons, expectations, compromise & boundaries, awareness and being observant, manifesting, abundance mindset, de-attaching from lack, life purpose, building a spiritual practice, raising your vibration, inspiration, & motivation, connecting with others, spirit guide / angel communication, using your gifts, talents & abilities.

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