7th dimension

This is the lower angelic realm where angels have a various purposes and work to do in different dimensions. Most angels assist with lower dimension ascension as well as sending light into those lower realms into the 5th dimension, so that it is a constant stream of source light and love.

In this 7th dimension you are not only the creator god of your own universe and aware of other creators, but you are actually merging consciousness with them too and so this the reality of the oneness that everybody speaks about of the 5th dimension. But it’s still not all that there is, it’s just the beginning of the reality of the divine oneness where consciousness merges as one, and it is read and perceived from angels in above realms in the 11th dimension in the multi-verses celestial records.

Guardian angels that watch over us exist in this realm, but they are mostly concentrating and focusing on overseeing humanity on Earth and other planets in other universes too. Because the 7th dimension is the realm where consciousness merges with all other universes, guardian angels can be everywhere at the same time. Free will does not exist in this realm, it’s primarily a realm for divine service which is why angels exist here as well as other high vibrational beings too. For cosmic beings who exist in universes and worlds in the multi-verse, they are completely focused on oneness with the divine as are angels are. However, the difference is that angels primarily focus on helping lower dimensional beings such as humans etc, and cosmic beings have their own paths to follow such as creating different realities for their star seeds on Earth and on other planets in other universes too. They are completely focused on a higher spiritual existence, but they don’t see it as being spiritual as most humans do, they see it as a way of existing which is very real to them. They are in complete focus of oneness with the divine and the self without any sense of the ego.

If a cosmic being desires further enrichment, experiences or lessons to expand their consciousness, they may want to incarnate on Earth type planets in the 3rd dimensions and then experience a spiritual awakening in the 4th, and ascend to the 5th just like on Earth, or actually on Earth. They will experience so much by doing this, so it’s understandable why some choose this path. This cannot happen by simply wishing it or intending it like in the lower dimensions, and that’s because it must first be approved from higher realms, because it is divine will. It is not one beings decision, it’s a collective consciousness of decision makers in the 11th dimension that makes those types of decisions. To then incarnate, the self must lower their consciousness to the 6th dimension where they can create their universe in the lower dimensions, because their universe doesn’t exist until they lower to the 6th to create it (according to divine will). This is when free will is given, but the higher the dimension, the less free will there is, the lower the dimension, the more free will there is. However, if you are a 9th dimensional incarnated angelic like myself, then you will be allowed some limited free will because you exist in the 3rd, 4th and 5th realities of Earth and it’s deemed as beneficial to ascension to allow some flexibility of free will. But at the same time, the reality of this is the self is still 9th dimensional and is still an angel, and must surrender to divine will of the higher dimensions.

In the 7th dimension, the self has a greater connection to power because they can access other universes easily and at will. In the 6th dimension they can only perceive them and view them, but they can’t access them or enter them, that is 7th dimensional and above. You are aware of your light body which is full of light and love with no density. You are aware that other light bodies/souls are also creators, some religions teach this as being other gods. However, they are only allowed to create based on divine will, and so their Godhead is limited to the 6th dimension and lower.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Divine oneness/merging consciousness with other creators/universes.
  • Reality of the oneness
  • Guardian angels that watch over us exist in this realm.
  • Free will does not exist.
  • Divine service.
  • Angels and other high vibrational beings exist here (focused on oneness).
  • Angels here focus on helping humans and cosmic beings create different realities.
  • Focused on a higher spiritual existence.
  • No sense of the ego.
  • Greater connection to power (can access other universes easily and at will).
  • You are a light body with no density.

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