6th dimension

The realm of the 6th dimension is a very interesting one. Like the 5th realm, you also can you perceive and experience a connection with spirit guides, angels, source and cosmic ancestors in this realm, but spirit guides actually exist in this dimension, which means that their awareness is higher than the 5th which is why they are advisors and guides, because their awareness is greater. Guides communicate from the 6th dimension down into the 4th and 5th.

This realm is beyond time and imagination, time does not exist here. And so, a thousand years could have passed by on Earth, and yes not even 1 second has passed by in the 6th dimension. This real also consists of parallel worlds and universes, and you are multi-dimensional. Being multi-dimensional means that you can be in all of the lower dimensions at the same time. So even though your guide could be 1 million light years away, and yet in your consciousness he/she is right with you in your 4th, 5th, 6th dimension too. This is because in the 6th dimension you are a creator and you are also aware of other creators like me, him and her etc. So your guide tunes into your universe within you, your dimensions, and then connects with you there. If you cannot connect with your guide, it doesn’t mean that he/she is not there, it just means that you are not tuning into the realm that you can perceive them. So therefore, raise your vibration and you will also raise your consciousness and then you’ll connect with them easier.

In the sixth dimension, it’s connected strongly to your third eye chakra, and so visualisations are effortless and you can see other realities easily. If your energy is strong enough, you will be able to see other people’s universes that are within them, and you can also connect with them, but of course protection and free needs to be taken into consideration with this too. So, from the 6th you can enter do teleportation into other realms and change your reality, you can create your universe as you please, providing that it’s done right and is according to divine will too. Divine will is more flexible here than it is in the 7th where there is no free will at all because the angelic realm begins there too.

In the 6th, you are your own creator God, the Godhead of your own universe, and within the universe inside of you that you created yourself as God. However, it is important to understand, that everybody else is also God in the 6th dimension too of their own universe. You cannot interfere with their own Godhead creation of their universe, you can only change your own universe as your own God. This Godhead is not something to be worshipped, it’s only the first level of creation and it is the last dimension of free will because divine service and surrender exists in the realms above this one.

Like the 4th dimension where astral travel is possible, and the 5th where it is easier, here in the 6th it is effortless because you see other universes, not only your universe, and so you can travel with the power of intention. You can do almost anything (within some limits) with much less boundaries and limitations.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Spirit guides exist here.
  • Beyond time and imagination.
  • Multi-dimensional, parallel worlds and universes.
  • Third eye chakra.
  • Enhanced visualisations.
  • You are your own creator/God of your own universe.
  • Divine will is flexible.
  • Effortless astral travel/travel with the power of intention.
  • Less boundaries and limitations, can do almost anything within reason.

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