5th dimension

Many people who experience this dimension sometimes believe they are enlightened, and yet the judge others and live in confusion and fear, which is not enlightenment or the 5th dimension at all – it’s the 4th with an experiences of the 3rd and 5th simultaneously. The key is to remove the things that anchor you to the 3rd dimension, so that you can then ascend to the 5th, and that’s where enlightenment is – it’s when the 5th is where your energy signature is stronger.

This realm is where your your higherself to your soul is, also known as the causal plane. it’s called this because it exists because of cause and affect, your actions cause an affect and in this dimension it’s high vibrational and it also has the sense from the 4th when perceiving the 5th that you’re close to achieving something big. That sense is achieving 5th dimensional ascension, but that’s only the beginning, there’s a lot more dimensions as well as that, you may not be aware of the growth necessary there, which may cause you to feel that you are close to achieving the big thing. In one way it’s true, in another way… it’s just the completion of one thing, but there will be another beginning afterwards too.

The 5th dimension is about unity, oneness and connectedness. You can experience connectedness in the 3th, 4th and 5th realms, and perceive other connectedness in higher dimensions but not fully reside in it until you create your energy signature there.

When you exist in the 5th, you are heart centred and no fear, judgement or over-questioning exists here, it’s the realm of healing and pure flow where healing flowing energy exists from source from higher dimensions. The healing light energy is sent into the crystalline grid of the 5th dimension and it is charged and available in unlimited abundance for all on Earth. It comes from the angelic realm of the 9th dimension, and sent through the 8th, into the 4th and anchored to the 5th.

In this realm, astral travel is not only possible just like the 4th realm, but it become easier too. You will understand very well how energy feels, high vibration will be in your life and be a normality to you. You understand connectedness well if you energy signature is high in this dimension, and you feel freedom in all things. You make excellent decisions based on intuition than 3rd dimensional thought from the ego mind.

You can easily connect to universal knowledge, also known as the akashic records if your energy signature is high here. This is also the flowing dimension. It is called that because universal flowing healing light energy is a strong reality to you in this dimension, where you can easily use this energy to heal yourself and others. But since you can also tap into your own akashic records, you can also bring in awareness of yourself of the past, present and future.

In this dimension unlimited abundance exists in constant flow to the rhythm of the universe, and this realm is where you have an abundance mindset and so you manifest by realising your hearts desire in the 5th dimension, and then getting creative with it in the 4th dimension, and then it has like a magnet affect towards the 6th dimension where you create your reality from the 6th into the 5th. It’s quite difficult to get a clear picture of how it works, so the simple thing is to not think about it, and just do it.

The 5th dimension brings us un-conditional love, because the high healing light energy that is anchored here is loving and it is also un-conditional. It doesn’t give you energy or love or healing on condition that you do this or that, it does it automatically, that’s what it was created for. It’s up to you how you manifest it within you and around you, the universe supports you in all of your endeavours by giving you what your energy signature produces based on your energy. You will be drawn to healing or healing others naturally, and this is because the vibration of the 5th dimension is healing and love, and so you will absorb it’s energy into your aura and it will affect what you are drawn to. If your energy signature exists in the healing realm, don’t be surprised if you feel drawn to healing.

This dimension is the highest level of a human’s individual personality, also known as the higherself. The reason why it is so easy to manifest from this dimension, is because unlike the 4th, this realm is based on high energy of abundance, whereas the 4th absorbs energy from the 3rd dimension of fear, limits and restrictions, and those things do not exist in the 5th reality.

This realm is connect to your throat chakra, because all chakra’s are connected to dimensions and visa verse. For example: 1st dimension (root chakra), 2nd (sacral), 3rd (solar plexus), 4th dimension (heart chakra), 5th dimension (throat chakra), 6th dimension (3rd eye), 7th dimension (crown chakra). So because it is the 5th dimension, you will also be strong in communication, not necessarily great at saying things, but you won’t allow your communication to have many mistakes. You will lead the way and others will follow, and your communication will play a massive part usually in this. You speak your truth, your own inner truth which may not be the same as other people’s inner truths, and that is ok with you in the 5th dimensional reality.

Another reason to master communication in the physical realm of the 3rd dimension, and the awakening realm if the 4th dimension, is because you can effortlessly communicate with your spirit guides and angel team as well as other high dimensional beings such as galactics. Telepathy is used as easily as words are, and it can become your preferred choice of language because it’s effortless and requires very little energy, unlike talking and writing does.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Enlightenment/ascension.
  • Higherself.
  • Causal plane/cause and affect (karmic healing).
  • Light/high vibrations/healing energy.
  • Unity, oneness and connectedness.
  • Heart centred.
  • No fear, judgement, or sense of lack.
  • Pure flow of energy.
  • 144 Crystalline grid.
  • Unlimited abundance.
  • Stronger ability to astral travel.
  • Freedom.
  • High intuition.
  • Personal akashic records.
  • Inspired/increased manifestation.
  • Clarity.
  • Reality of un-conditional love.
  • Throat chakra.
  • Communication, self expression, inspired creativity.
  • Communicate with cosmic ancestors, galactics, angels, spirit guides and source.
  • Telepathy.

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