4th dimension

This is the dimension of spiritual awakenings. You can see the 3rd dimension in full but you also get a glimpse into and sense of the 5th dimension. In this real, astral travel is possible but it is not always easy for some people who don’t have a high energy signature in this dimension. Synchronicities happen for a variety of reasons including angel guidance, but also your akashic records and you also experience other dimensional reality. De ja vu is common too as is seeing orbs. But in this reality, you need to be very flexible to be able to master it, and so getting creative with your life will create a strong energy signature in this dimension.

Because you have a sense of the 5th dimension which is the healing realm, you usually feel drawn towards helping others or healing others. But be careful, because you perceive un-conditional love (even if it is subconsious) you can have extremely high expectations of others, which can cause you to feel that others are ‘narcissists’ because they don’t show compassion in the way that you expect it. Let go of that, and then shine your light and your vibration will raise.

In the 4th dimension you also still have a sense of time just like the 3rd, but you are also aware of timelines if your energy signature here is strong enough. This means you can perceive the past and past lives as well as potential future lives (future version of ourselves) and parallel universes.

This dimension can be even more difficult than the 3rd at times because you experience the 3rd and the 5th at the same time, and it can cause severe anxiety and depression (dark night of the soul) for some people who over-think things instead of going with the flow. This comes from the ego mind of the 3rd dimension, except you also have higher awareness with it too. In the case of a dark night of the soul or anxiety or depression, a reading is advised by someone who understands spiritual awakenings and ascension very well. The right type of reading will bring you healing.

In this dimensions of consciousness and reality, you see can see orbs and energy if you expand your consciousness and energy signature. You also have vivid dreams and often wake up at around 3:00am to 3:30am but most people between 3-5. This realm brings you a great opportunity to get creative with your life with inspired thinking and sensing, feeling the way rather than thinking it.

You will have the sense of wanting to create a new reality, unless you’re blocked, and this requires you to simplify your life and live in the now instead of the past and future. You sense other realities, dimension, universes, creators and multiple versions of Earth, so you also have the opportunity to increase your energy signature in this realm and level up to higher dimensions.

Astral travel is possible, but not always easy because for some their awareness and energy signature may be high enough to do it well, but for others they need to work on things more. To astral travel, it is wise to work on your astral/energetic/emotional/cosmic/etheric/merkaba/light body.

In this realm, you can also perceive and receive messages from cosmic ancestors, galactics and spirit guides here too.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Astral travel.
  • Synchronicities.
  • Personal akashic records.
  • Timelines/De ja vu.
  • Seeing orbs and spirits.
  • Helping or healing others.
  • Higher expectations.
  • Past lives, potential future lives (future version of ourselves) and parallel universes.
  • Dark night of the soul/spiritual anxiety.
  • Higher awareness.
  • Spiritual gifts/psychic ability.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Intuition.
  • Inspiration.
  • Wisdom.
  • Creativity.
  • Light body.
  • Receive messages from cosmic ancestors, galactics, angels, spirit guides and source.

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