3rd dimension

The third dimension is a place of fear, judgement, lack, anger, hatred, hurt and other types of low vibrations. When you exist in higher dimensions such as the fourth, you find it hard to accept people in the 3rd because you are losing those lower vibrations because you’re on your way to the 5th.

The 3rd dimension is increased duality and the sense of right and wrong and voting for things that your ego mind associates with, and you don’t have and sense of things being different to the way you see them. This causes conflicts due to power struggles and the need to be right. But when you have a spiritual awakening, you enter the fourth dimension where you become aware of a new way of doing things.

Although the third dimension has lower vibration, it is extremely important for growth and expansion. People re-incarnate back into this dimension when they have lessons to learn, and others from other worlds such as star seeds and lightworkers come here also to learn lessons and to experience new things. However, lightworkers and star seeds will awaken to the 4th dimension at some point in the lifetime on Earth, and they need to focus on their fear, judgement of others, as well as their ego mind and to work on their trust issues.

In this dimension we experience…

But also…

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • Fear, judgement, lack, anger, hatred, hurt and other types of low vibrations.
  • Duality and the sense of right and wrong.
  • Growth, expansion and lessons.

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