11th dimension

The 3rd sphere of the angelic realm and the highest realm of all before Source is the 11th dimension. This is the realm of the highest ranking angels which are: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones and it is also the realm for the cosmic records or the akashic records of the multi-universe. It is the realm for purity and the highest aspect of divinity. Seraphim stands for serpents, and they are the highest angelic class.

Seraphiel, Michael, and Metatron are all known to be Seraphim angels. Seraphim are agents of purification and they make decisions on whether family karmic debt can be erased or whether it should be transmuted. The Cherubim are the keepers of celestial records that hold the knowledge of divine wisdom and all knowing. Thrones ensure divine will is carried out and that the cosmic harmony of all universal laws is kept. Thrones carry out divine will by ensuring that other angels including Powers keep order according to divine will, so that everything stays in order.

What can be learnt or experienced in this dimension?

  • 1st sphere of the angelic realm (highest of all before Source).
  • Seraphim (serpents ‘highest’, Seraphiel, Michael, and Metatron), Cherubim (keepers of celestial records) and Thrones (ensure divine will, universal laws) exist here.

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