Work with energy course

This is a three part course enabling you to work with energy in the 5th dimension. In the 1st session, I will show you how tune into your own body and then scan it. You will also learn how to send energy to others, because I will show you how to connect to your kundalini and then to the other persons where you can transfer universal healing energy from the 5th dimension and send it to others through their own energy. We will work with universal life force energy (also known as Reiki or Prana) and Kundalini too. I will introduce you to Archangel Raphael or another angel that you can work with for your healing.

In the 2nd session, I will show you how to raise your vibration and how to make it a new daily normal for you, so it increases your energy signature in the 5th dimension. This dimension is known by many names such as the healing realm, the enlightenment realm as well as others. If you work in the 5th dimension daily and practice increasing your vibration there, you will gain even stronger healing ability, because your energy signature will also be stronger in that realm too. Also in this session, I will show you how to do higherself channeling and intuitive writing, to help you to get creative with your life and to help you to learn your lessons in life.

In the 3rd session, we will tune into the 10th dimension and access high vibrations of light from Archangel Ariel, to send into the 5th dimensional 144 crystalline grid. This is also known as the ascension grid, and this work is known as grid work.

1st Session

Energy Scanning & 5th dimensional healing attunement (1+ hours). Learn how to scan the body, it’s energy, it’s musclues, it’s organs and detect where healing energy need to go, and then learn how to send it there.

2nd Session

Increase your energy signature, raise your vibration and higherself channeling. We increase our energy signature by by the amount of energy we put into things (1+ hours).

3rd Session

Channel high vibrations of light from the 10th dimension ‘grid work’. When Reiki and other healings don’t work, you can learn to access angelic energy (1+ hours).


Total Price $149.99 (saving $59.98).

Or $69.99 (separately).

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