Emotional Healing Course

This course consists of two separate sessions so that you can successful work on emotional healing. It’s all about letting go of emotions, but there’s much more to it than that, including letting go of persistent thoughts and over-thinking. It’s about learning how to believe in yourself and bring your energy back to wholeness again. Sometimes, for any number of reasons, our soul can defragment. This is not the same as the soul breaking or fracturing, or even dying. Over time, our mind can get hurt and it will be felt in the heart which is the seat of the soul, and this can cause fragmentation. Soul fragmentation is when part of the soul stay in certain dimensions of the past, where we feel we are unable to let go of.

And so, soul re-alignment doesn’t get involved with the messiness or the birds nest of the mind, it’s far too complicated to go there. Instead, it just re-aligns itself with your energy and it makes your feel whole again. We start off this session in the mind, and gradually let it go, until we sink down into the soul, and then we stay there for a while. When will also create new normals where you change the way you do things, the way you priorities things, we will switch off your mind for a while and stay rooted and grounded in the 1st dimension of the root chakra until you have brought peace back to your life.

In the 2nd session we will do self realisation where we will take a look at who you really are in your authenticity, not who other people or your mind says you are. We will use higherself channeling to access the 4th dimension to get creative with your life and help you to navigate your way through your life and to learn lessons from the past.

1st Session

Soul re-alignment. Re-align your energy, and bring your whole energy into wholeness again, and notice an immediate difference with how you feel. This is 1st dimensional work (1+ hours).

2nd Session

Self realisation will help you to discover who you are now and to move forward with your life. I will show you how to use intuition to help you to navigate your life (1+ hours).

Total Price $99.99 (saving $39.99).

Or $69.99 (separately).

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